They couldn’t help it!

DeSmog Blog was created to slander, smear and intimidate anyone who dares correct the record on “climate change.”

They’ve got an obsession with all things CFACT, Climate Depot and Marc Morano and they’ve chronicled how effective we’ve been at the UN climate conference in Bonn!

Greenpeace docked one of their ships, the Beluga II, here in Bonn for the conference.   Marc donned the uniform of a ship’s officer and welcomed “climate hustlers” of all kinds aboard Greenpeace’s “diesel-powered climate propaganda boat.”  “Pandering politicians, green energy profiteers, power-hungry UN bureaucrats, and clueless climate activists,  Greenpeace has a berth for you,” Marc said, “Welcome aboard!”
While it has masts and sails, Beluga II powers along German rivers and canals under diesel power.  That’s not their only false flag. Greenpeace long ago abandoned environmentalism for Socialism.
Greenpeace campaigners were none too happy to have CFACT at their boat.  “You’ll have to leave and show us respect,” they said.  “Respect?!”  we laughed.  “Last night Greenpeace occupied a German power plant,” we replied.  “Greenpeace never respects anyone.” Will you promise Greenpeace will be respectful to others from now on?” we inquired.  This short circuited their wiring.
CFACT boldly calling out the hypocrisies of the climate campaign is not something the pressure groups assembled in Bonn are used to. We certainly caught their attention.
DeSmog blog followed CFACT around at COP 23, the UN climate summit in Bonn and shot video of Marc trouncing Massachusetts State Senator Michael Barrett in a debate on Turkish television.  They covered CFACT’s “Welcome aboard climate hustlers!” prank at the Greenpeace ship docked nearby.  They covered our advocacy for freedom and against wasteful climate mistakes within the UN process.  They sought to attack us, but in doing so lavished us with high praise.

Take a look at DeSmog Blog’s write up here.  [Caution, you are heading into leftist waters].

Marc floored them when he compared the unscientific attacks of the global warming campaign to the Salem witch trials and pointed out that, like Senator Barrett, many of the judges in Salem were Harvard men as well.

As COP 23 approaches the finish line, developing nations are still pushing for “accelerated commitments” under the Paris Accord.  Take this to mean they signed on for cash and they want it now.

Climate negotiators are trying to announce a compromise whereby they’ll promise some kind of a handout, now or in the future, or perhaps just try and baffle them with promises buried in procedure.

The UN climate process remains about money and power.  No chance of altering the world temperature here.







  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.