The term “ground zero” means, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “the center or origin” of an intense of violent activity ( There can only be one center or origin, and therefore only one ground zero. Yet global warming alarmists, in their typical over-hyping of thoroughly debunked climate scares, want everyone to believe they personally live at ground zero. The more that alarmists over-hype this phrase, the less credible they become.

USA Today recently published an article titled, “Pakistan is ground zero for global warming consequences.” The article quotes and endorses Pakistani alarmists trying to drum up support for global warming action in their country by claiming Pakistan suffers unique and unparalleled negative impacts. (

But Reuters disagrees, calling Chad “ground zero” for global warming. (

U.S. News and World Report contradicts USA Today and Reuters, claiming the American South is “ground zero” for global warming. (

The San Francisco Chronicle contradicts all of the other media, claiming Central America is “ground zero” for global warming. (

Alaska Public Media disagrees with all of them, claiming Barrow, Alaska, is “ground zero.” (

Speaking to Canadians, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says Canada is “ground zero” for global warming. (

Forbes tries to make all its national readers feel particularly persecuted, claiming all “cities and states” are “ground zero” for global warming. (

Yale Environment 360 takes issue will all the others, claiming South Florida is “ground zero” for global warming. (

Yale Environment 360 then takes issue with itself, claiming Maryland’s Dorchester County on Chesapeake Bay is “ground zero” for global warming. (

We could go on and on and on, but you get the point.

The term “ground zero” by definition implies that one particular place feels negative impacts from a catastrophic event more severely than all other places. Global Warming Alarmism 101 dishonestly attempts to make everybody feel that they are personally living in the most devastated of all places and personally suffering the worst of all bad effects. This is so each person, feeling particularly victimized, will go forth and be a global warming activist.

The problem with the alarmists’ strategy is nobody really feels much negative impact, if any at all, from global warming. In a Gallup poll of over 1,000 Americans taken this July –taken in the middle of summer, during what the media claim has been an unprecedented American heatwave – not a single American listed global warming as their most pressing concern. ( Poll respondents listed 36 other more pressing concerns, but global warming was notably absent.

Maybe the media are right and everyone everywhere feels global warming equally. The problem for alarmists is, people equally feel few if any negative impacts from global warming.



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