CFACT put up two new billboards during Governor Brown’s climate summit that tackle California’s ridiculous 100% renewables / zero emissions law head on.

The billboards are on the Sierra Highway between Palmdale and Rosamond, California, just north of Los Angeles.

The first depicts a road sign that warns, “Insane Electricity Prices Ahead.”  That’s a no-brainer.  We’ve  seen this story before.  The data is in.  California is making the exact same mistakes that wrecked energy markets in Europe.

Inefficient “renewables” caused electricity prices in countries like Germany, Denmark and Spain to double and triple, placing great hardships on ratepayers and making it tough for their industries to compete.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “Engergiewende,” or energy transition, is estimated to have cost over one half TRILLION Euros by 2025.  Meanwhile all those solar panels and wind farms can’t meet Europe’s energy needs.  Anti-nuclear campaigners overlap with climate campaigners so Germany’s nuclear reactors are shutting down.  That leaves coal in charge of keeping the lights on.  Despite mind-boggling useless spending, European emissions have not declined.

Who gets hit the hardest?

CFACT’s second billboard features a vanity license plate which reads “PWR HIKE —  100% renewables with one million+ energy poor?  California’s pipe dreamin.'”

Energy poverty is no joke.  California leads the nation in poverty and homelessness.  Tripling California’s electricity price will hit the poor the hardest.  It’s the ultimate regressive tax.  California elites won’t like it, but can take high costs in stride.  It’s not the same for people struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg, Jerry Brown, Alec Baldwin and the rest of the gilded elite just don’t get it.

California’s mistaken new energy law spells trouble for everyone.  As business flees, the politicians in Sacramento are going to want to inflict the same burdens on the rest of us to “make things fair.”

This energy-wound is self inflicted.  California should adopt a wiser course and others should avoid repeating their mistake.


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.