The Paris climate agreement would force U.S. taxpayers to fork over approximately $10 billion every year to developing countries like China, Iran, and Venezuela. The average American household would have to pay approximately $100 in extra taxes per year to fund this handout. The handout would come on top of U.S. foreign aid already handed out to developing nations around the world.

A key component of the Paris agreement – and one that the media try their best to sweep under the rug – is a requirement that Western-style democracies hand over $100 billion every year to developing nations as reparations for carbon dioxide emissions. This, even though developing nations are responsible for a majority of global carbon dioxide emissions. Developing nations, moreover, are responsible for the entirety of the global increase in carbon dioxide emissions this century. (

Precisely what the reparations are designed to compensate is anybody’s guess. NASA satellite data show substantial greening during recent decades across much of the earth ( UN Food and Agricultural Organization data show global crop yields, including crop yields in developing countries, set new records virtually every year ( Global mortality data show many more people die directly and indirectly due to cold temperatures than warm temperatures (

The Paris climate agreement’s $100-billion-per-year handout to developing nations shows global warming assertions are little more than a convenient mechanism for developing nations to extract money from American taxpayers. It is little wonder that, as the media often point out, virtually all the world’s nations have signed the agreement. Who wouldn’t sign an agreement that requires other people to give you money free of charge?



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