President Trump tackled global warming on CBS 60 Minutes … and got it right!

Marc Morano posted a point-by-point analysis at CFACT’s Climate Depot that reveals the President’s remarks were “scientifically, politically and economically accurate.”


Lesley Stahl told the President: “I wish you could go to Greenland, watch these huge chunks of ice just falling into the ocean, raising the sea levels.”  President Trump responded: “And you don’t know whether or not that would have happened with or without man. You don’t know.”

Fact check: Greenland’s ice sheet has added just 0.39 of a centimeter to global sea levels since 1993. N. Greenland was warmer during the early 20th century (1920-1940) and during the Medieval Warm Period.

President Trump: “They say that we had hurricanes that were far worse than what we just had with Michael.”

Fact check: Even the UN IPCC reports concede that extreme weather has not increased.  Category 4+ hurricane landfaFact check: Trump right on climate on 60 Minutes 1lls have decreased over 70% since 1970.  Hurricane Michael followed a predictable natural pattern.

Lesley Stahl: “What about the scientists who say it’s worse than ever?”  President Trump: “You’d have to show me the scientists because they have a very big political agenda.”

Fact check: The media touts the UN IPCC as the world’s “top scientists” — But who are they?  Activists. Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry says this about the latest UN IPCC report – “The IPCC still has not made a strong case for this massive investment to prevent 1.5C warming.”

Read all the details at Climate Depot.

The global warming campaign is riddled with propaganda, profiteering and waste.

It great to see a President who has finally figured it out!

Fact check: Trump right on climate on 60 Minutes 1


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.