Emotions have run high in Poland since the United Nations climate conference came to town.

CFACT co-sponsored a climate forum at the John Paul II Center in Gliwice, with Poland’s Globalization Institute Foundation, led by Dr. Tomasz Teluk.  A venue named for “JPII,” Poland’s “freedom Pope,” seemed highly appropriate.

In the audience were veterans of Poland’s Solidarity movement who freed Poland from Socialism thirty years ago.  They do not want to go back.  They turned this scholarly forum into a lively discussion of energy, global warming and Polish independence.  We were honored.

Marc Morano posted these highlights (Google translated) from a Polish tv website at CFACT’s Climate Depot:

Climate Depot’s Morano: “The biggest threat to Poland today is from the Katowice (UN climate) conference. They will want to convince you that Polish coal mines are destroying the planet – do not believe them. The UN will say that it has the best scientific institution – it is also a lie. They are a political organization that is masquerading as a scientific institution.

Dr. Tomasz Teluk, president of the Globalization Institute Foundation, the organizer of the conference: “Today, Poland belongs to the countries that are least dependent on energy supply in the EU and someone wants to change it.”

Dr. Walt Cunningham, an astronaut, a former member of the Apollo 7 mission: ‘I am appalled at the huge idea of the so-called global warming, which is a consequence of human activities, seems to be accepted by the whole society. Few realize how little human influence affects everything.’

Craig Rucker, president of the pro-environmental CFACT pro-democracy organization in Washington, DC: ‘The free market and population growth goes hand in hand with reducing pollution. It is enough to look at how the Eastern bloc countries were polluted. Our future is very clear as long as we take the course on economic freedom and developing technologies.’

The audience was inspired by a presentation by Apollo VII astronaut Walt Cunningham.  Colonel Cunningham also joined CFACT’s team of science experts at the UN climate conferences in Warsaw, Poland, and Lima, Peru, where he soared above the hills near Machu Picchu to call attention to flaws in the global warming narrative.   In 2012, “Walt” joined a large group of America’s astronauts and space pioneers to co-sign a letter to the Director of NASA, requesting NASA refrain from pushing unfounded global warming scare stories. You can read the full letter at CFACT.org.

Marc Morano brought down the house when he bluntly explained that UN claims that all scientists agree with their agenda is “a lie, a deception. A UN scientist admitted that it was pulled from thin air, this idea of 97% of scientists all agreeing is made up.”

“What they really seek,” Morano said, is central control over our economic development.”

As the forum  moved towards its conclusion, Marc and I stood and donned the yellow vests CFACT brought back from France. “We wear these yellow vests in solidarity with the workers of France and Poland,” Marc said.  This triggered exclamations and thunderous applause.

Yellow vest protests have since broken out in London.  The media campaign pushing the UN global warming narrative is a powerful force.  In Poland, France, the U.S., or wherever CFACT goes, we find intelligent, mainstream citizens seeing through the warming narrative.

Facts are potent things.  The United Nations is finding out the hard way.


  • Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.