USA Today ran an article with the headline, “By 2080, global warming will make New York City feel like Arkansas” .  Let’s take a look at some comparative data:

New York City has an average temperature of 55.15 degrees, compared to the Little Rock, Arkansas, average temperature of 62.65 degrees. That is a 7.5-degree projected temperature increase during the next 60 years, which is preposterous.

It is unbelievable that this garbage gets published in the establishment media. The 2080 timeline allows alarmists to raise fear on a timeline for which their theories and predictions can never be subjected to objective verification – at least not in their or our lifetimes. And most people reading USA Today will not make the effort to educate themselves on the ludicrous nature of the USA Today headline and article.

Of course, the USA Today article is based on a ‘study’ published in Nature Communications. But USA Today failed to reach out to any skeptics to provide perspective or fact-checking on the Nature Communications study. This is especially troubling as much of the establishment ‘peer-reviewed’ literature is just as biased and agenda-driven as the news media.


  • James Taylor

    James M. Taylor is an American lawyer, senior fellow for environment and energy policy at The Heartland Institute and a CFACT contributor. James Taylor is a keen analyst of science and public policy and a competition level poker player.