For young UN groupies gathered at the UN’s Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City this week, Luke Mullen is a big deal.

17-year-old Luke plays a basketball coach on a Disney Channel Series called “Andi Mack.”  The show made an historical Disney first with a character who came out as gay.  While that was not Luke’s character, Luke is not shy about his activism.

He is the vice president of “Tomorrows Green,” a non-profit environmental group based in Santa Barbara. And like media sensation Greta Thunberg, he partnered up with “Fridays for Future” in May 2019 to support the students’ strike for the climate.

Just recently, the UN tapped Mullen as a keynote speaker, panelist, and media star at the UN’s 68th Civil Societies Conference.

In anticipation for a major upcoming climate change protest in New York City, 17-year-old rising Disney actor Luke tweeted excitement about meeting “legend” Greta Thunberg, the 15-year-old who started a global school strike to bring awareness to climate change and UN solutions.

Professedly, the young star Luke Mullen claims he teared up over getting involved with the Greta-led school strikes.  Most recently, Greta is celebrated for sailing on a 60-foot monohull (with a sail splashed of UN Sustainable Development Goals) from her hometown of Sweden to arrive in New York with plenty of time to network before the highly anticipated Climate Change march and Summit.  From the sounds of it Luke will be there too.

Although very amiable, as you see on our video interview, like hundreds of young climate activists, Luke appears to be drinking the UN Kool-Aid. As an invited speaker, Luke eloquently shared on the large, lit stage his childhood camping memory of “never wanting to zip the tent” for fear of missing out on nature.  He suggested, “if we don’t act now” young people will not have nature to enjoy.

He describes himself as a climate change and environmentalism activist; one can’t help but notice he feels burdened with saving the world from what he feels are many environmental “problems.” In his opening remarks, he declared “climate as the most defining issue of our generation” – his generation.

Unfortunately, Luke is completely misguided.  In our interview with him, the young actor insisted the “polar ice caps melting at unprecedented rates.” This is patently false.  And in an interview with the Salt Lake City Tribune, Mullen reiterated talking points he made from the UN stage, “I do believe that [school] strikes for the climate are just as important as education. Why should we be studying and preparing for a future that might not come?” For more of our interview, (see VIDEO).

This comment from Luke to us was perhaps most troubling: “If we can listen to the youth, that’s where we are going to be the most effective.”

Sounds nice. The problem with it, however, is that our young people have been misinformed for decades – they’ve been kept ignorant of important facts and largely brainwashed into ideological conformance with the Green party line. It seems as though those championing the alarmist message have taken to heart what Vladimir Lenin once quipped, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

Luke is a good guy.  We must work even harder to turn him and the next generation in a better direction.

Check out CFACT campus for more information and ways to get your young ones involved in the fight for freedom.


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