The Environmental Protection Agency has become synonymous with bureaucratic overreach.

The Green-Left captured America’s top environmental regulator years ago.  They wantonly employ EPA as a base from which to launch ideological attacks upon America’s free market economy.  All-too-often EPA’s costly rules result in little or no environmental benefit.

EPA reform is underway at last, but we need your help.

EPA proposed internal requirements for its staff to issue transparent analysis of the benefits and costs of rulemaking under the Clean Air Act.   Can you imagine that EPA has actually been regulating our economy without taking honest and accurate cost estimates into consideration?  Outrageous!

Click here now and add your public comment to CFACT’s.

Tell EPA that citizens deserve to know both the costs and benefits when environmental bureaucrats issue rules we all must obey!

Benefit-cost analysis is an essential tool of rational decision making.  It is employed throughout business and government.  You use it every day to make decisions for your family.  EPA should do no less.

Of course, the usual extremists are up in arms.

John Walke, Clean Air Director at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) said, “For the EPA to try to undermine the benefits of clean air amid our national public health crisis is unconscionable.  Our country is struggling with racial injustice and a global pandemic exacerbated by pollution. Both are hitting Black Americans and communities of color hardest.”

Apparently we can now expect left-wing pressure groups to play the race card every time, no matter how absurd.

Want to do a number on the poor and “communities of color?”  Regulations that raise the cost of energy, kill jobs and ship them overseas is the way to do it.

Click here and tell EPA that you demand the best available science and economics be put to use to provide transparent benefit-cost analyses before EPA bureaucrats issue future rules.

Clean air is essential.  It’s the law.  Yet we must not allow the unscrupulous Left and legions of blinkered bureaucrats to use our clean air to justify any more economy-crushing power grabs.

Is it too much to ask that government regulations do more good than harm?

EPA’s deadline to add your comment is August 1st, but click here and do it now.  If you’re like me, if you do it now, you’ll get ‘er done.  If you put it off, who knows?  Requiring EPA to count the costs before it regulates is too important not to weigh in.  We’re counting on you!

Tell EPA that benefit-cost analysis is a must 1


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.