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Let me rehash my idea  on this matter for you, from chapter 6 of my book:

I have an idea about the rise in global temperatures. A closer examination reveals that Super El Niños are correlated with temperature step-ups. Remember the mixing ratio chart above. More water vapor is needed to keep dew point temperatures moving upward. So the amount of water vapor released in these Super El Niño events must be immense if water that is normally 83°F is now 87°F. While this water vapor is quickly dispersed, the process leads to a net rise in the amount of water vapor in the air. And because the oceans are warm, these events supply new temperature plateaus, which I’ll demonstrate below.

The following graph of satellite data — the gold standard for temperature measurements — is from the University of Alabama in Huntsville’s Dr. Roy Spencer and Dr. John Christy. I have overlaid it with the aforementioned temperature plateaus. You’ll notice very clearly the step-up effect of Super El Niños.

The New Pause????

I added the lines.  This is from March of 2020, it has continued which is why you are seeing people picking up on it now, hence the above article in WUWT

The ups and downs correlate nicely not with the rise in CO2 ,but with El Niños and La Niñas. More evidence that the oceans are the big driver.

Am I right? Well, that’s up for debate. But in a way, that’s the point. There should be debate. At the very least, this evidence offers some interesting implications.

So what can we conclude?  Well again I am not saying I am right, for any future event is always in doubt. However as this continues, and it will (the ups and downs basically balance out, but at a higher point). the idea may get more credence. Like so many things, it will not gain traction until someone “official”. discovers it, But if you have been following me, you know I have been touting this for a few years now.

And guess what, The idea of MORE SUPER NINOS to me is the opposite of what should happen. For the warmer, it gets the more the easterlies in the tropical pacific should dominate, leading to weaker warm events, if they are going to occur at all, or more frequent La Ninas or neutral states. That should be obvious from looking at what is going on with surface pressures in this warmer time, Lower the pressures across Asia and the western Pacific and you are naturally going to increase low-level easterlies. In addition, the el Nino spikes, next to the higher established base state of temperatures we are in, will be less.  Basically, the earth has a built-in mechanism against the runaway warming that is “feared” so much, though I seriously doubt that the mechanism that drives the “fear”. has much to do with the reality of the weather and climate. I think that is going to become very obvious in the coming years, but by that time its too late to stop the repercussions of those pushing this

I will again bring up Le Chetelliers Principle, and this basic fundamentally scientific idea is likely at work here.

Le Chatelier’s principle states that if a dynamic equilibrium is disturbed by changing the conditions, the position of equilibrium shifts to counteract the change to re-establish an equilibrium. If a chemical reaction is at equilibrium and experiences a change in pressure, temperature, or concentration of products or reactants, the equilibrium shifts in the opposite direction to offset the change.

Of course in the brave new world of man in control of nature, that seems to be overlooked.  And old guys like me brought up with such things, naturally dismissed. I understand, I have read enough Orwell.

In any case Chapter 6 of my book, describes how global temperatures have been weaponized for a non -weather purpose and while I feel weird about hawking my book like this, the fact is that the upcoming administration is going to make what is written in it, a nice way to be able to look at things that at the very least,  question what you will be force fed by them.


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