Nary a day goes by without an outrageous claim about climate in the media.

These over-the-top, outrageous assertions are not science.  They are talking points spoon-fed by radical pressure groups to an all-too-compliant media.  They are often made up on the spot.

Just this week Marc Morano posted the facts that debunk media claims that “summer droughts in Europe are now ‘far more severe’ than anything in the past 2,100 years due to climate.”  Climate analyst Paul Homewood explained that scientific data shows nothing of the sort.  In fact two recent papers, that went through the sacred peer review process, reveal first that Europe has had “no significant linear trends in either seasonal or annual rainfall. The second concludes that summer rainfall has increased since 1961.”  These studies rely on real world recorded data for the Czech Republic in contrast to the computer simulations reported in the press.

These stories have a common tell.  Watch out for superlatives such as hottest, coldest, wettest, driest, snowiest, most, etc.

These kind of climate claims scream out for correction.  They raise a passion for truth in those acquainted with the straight facts.  CFACT, our Climate Depot news and information service, and a host of allied friends and organizations dedicate vast efforts to making these corrections.  That’s why the climate-Left will do anything to besmirch and silence us.

The next time you hear an extreme climate claim modified by a superlative, check in at and Climate Depot where you’ll regularly find the hard data which powerfully debunks this sort of hype.

If the press won’t do it’s job, and vet extreme climate claims with hard-hitting analysis, we will.


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.