The Pivot from Covid to Climate Continues.

It’s the perfect strawman fairy tail. I mentioned in my review of Marc Morano’s book, Green Fraud, a chapter where he addresses the matter, and I addressed it in two chapters in my book. My book was written last year. It foretold what was coming. Marc’s book fills in the gory details on the verification. Never, Never, Never underestimate what agenda driven zealots can do with a comfortable, complacent audience. That is one of the keys to the transformation that is plainly well underway in our nation, they understand that about many of the people in this country,and know they can feed them their missive without being questioned.

But I wonder sometimes if people writing pieces like this, in this case it appeared in VOX:

do so knowing full well that those of us that challenge it, will have to reference it, and by doing so, increase hits. The fact is almost every day another example of the weather and climate being dragged thru the distorted sewer that agenda driven politics has become, gets sent to me. Last week, it was Nancy Pelosi’s blaming of drought pushing migrants north last week. This week’s blame the immigration problem on climate change has to do with last year’s devastating hurricane season. So please read that link to set that as a reference point to the facts I am going to present.

So we are clear, it was a devastating hurricane season last year. But from April 7, when we put out our impact map, we said that is what was going to happen. I guess this author did not see the areas of enhancement we had outlined. It is true that central America was a bit south of the 1st level of above normal IMPACT AREAS. That is what we do that is different try to tell clients, and anyone else that will listen who is going to get hit.

More climate blame game for immigration crisis 2


More climate blame game for immigration crisis 3

The 2 that hit in central America did break out of the pack, but were the exception not the rule One has to ask the question, if you are leaving the area hit because of hurricanes, why head where more hurricanes hit? In addition lets look at a close up of the area hit in Nicaragua.

More climate blame game for immigration crisis 4

While these storms are wide reaching, no doubt ( tho both the majors were relatively compact) it seems that this part of the coastline is very sparsely populated. Perhaps the people that live in central America understand the inherent risk of living on an eastward facing coastline that carries the risk of major hurricanes. In fact, as I will demonstrate with the facts, while it is extreme that 2 hit in one place in one season like that ( the left tried to pull that in the gulf this past year, with Marco and Laura having no idea that Marco was going to fall apart) it came after a record stretch of non hits. ( 13 years) of NO MAJOR HURRICANES in Honduras and Nicaragua. Which begs the question, why wasn’t the infrastructure of Nicaragua enough to to help offset this in an areas that is sparsely populated. Its not like a cat 5 hit Cancun like Rita in 2005, which they came back from very quickly. Could it be, they are still trying to build back from the years of socialist utopia ( better known as misery) that is evident in Venezuela and Cuba now in our hemisphere. And that is being pushed here.

As a side note, I will forecast for anyone, anytime, anywhere as I do not care if someone disagrees with me on climate, or politics or whatever. I want to give them the best service possible. But an article like this plainly did not understand the gravity of the impact season that was shaping up for North America. NOR DID IT EVEN BOTHER MENTIONING THAT THE AREA OF THE PLANET THAT PRODUCES THE GREATEST AMOUNT OF TROPICAL CYLCONE ENERGY, THE PACIFIC BASINS was just barely over 50% of normal production and the northern hemisphere last year was well below average in total Cyclonic energy. And climate wise, that is more significant. So while it is a tragedy in areas that did get hit last year, much of the Pacific basin was let off scott free from the kind of damage that can occur, especially in the western Pacific. So why isn’t that brought up to counter balance?

It does not address the fact that the area hit is sparsely populated, and that it can not account for the wave of immigration that started north in November and is overwhelming our southern border. The only change is not in the climate or what it can do naturally, but in US border policy.

BTW I am all for a legal process of assimilating people that wish to become part of the melting pot that a free and vibrant nation is supposed to be. I am not for breaking the law, and then people then using an agenda to blame climate for the reason they are breaking the law, when that same area went a record breaking 13 years with no major hurricane hits. The problem is one that has virtually nothing to do with climate, but with people wanting a better life, trying to escape the very system that is being pushed in our nation now. It is plainly deception.

So MS Pelosi said the drought along with Trump policies were causing the immigration wave that has turned into a crisis on our southern border. Let me reference you with this blog I wrote:

In this I showed that Speaker Pelosi is correct it has been drier than average, but agricultural production has skyrocketed during this time. But another thing the current blog does not understand is that the dryness of the pattern meant this area of central America DID NOT HAVE A MAJOR HURRICANE FOR 13 YEARS!!! Yes I am going to say it again, because its important that one understands. There is good and bad in every area of the world as far as weather and climate. Most days are good, otherwise no one would live there. Actually they are good given the nature of the people living there. Someone may love cold weather and find it to his or hers liking, but others may not. People leave the Northern US with a hope of warmer weather, then the left takes the inevitable result of warmth, the havoc caused on more people and property when weather inherent to warmer climates hit, and blames climate change. Its nonsense if one simply looks at the facts. This idea that is pushed in the socialist Utopia of everything is fair and even, is something nature, if it could, would scoff at, if not buckle over laughing at. So in Nicaragua, while it has been dry, there has been a lack of hurricanes. So one of 2 things is evident here. Either the writer of this did not go back and review hurricane seasons or they did and will not tell you. Major Hurricanes hit in 2007,2005,1998,1988,1978,1971,1961 in the area of central America where the blog blames climate for the immigration wave.

So before this double hit this year, this was the longest stretch of years with no major hurricanes impacting the areas mentioned here. (Nicaragua and Honduras) And part of the reason is that yes, it has been dry, and that is a negative for tropical cyclones, but when you live in any area of the world, there is good and bad and swings back and forth. It is like that everywhere where humans thrive, the weather swings back and forth.

To be fair, they mention crime and poverty, but where is the responsibility of the governments to build up the infrastructure in those areas. Again, Nicaragua was ruled for many years by the same kind of socialist Utopia that has virtually destroyed the economy of Venezuela and is being advocated here. HOW IS THAT THE FAULT OF CLIMATE CHANGE? It is not.

The blame game is ramping up. It was predictable and unless people are hungry to keep the greatness that is this country, we will be swallowed up by a system that devours individual freedom for the sake of a top down control system. Interesting isn’t it. Bob Seeger, wrote about this back in the 1970s in his song “I Feel like a Number”


You read that and you can hear the cry of someone that yearns to be free. But how times have changed. At that time an ice age was being pushed and now we have warming. What passes for free thinking liberalism today is anything but that. But that is how deception works.

And agenda driven zealots will use anything they can to push their missive. Even if it means driving the purity and majesty of climate and weather into their agenda driven political muck.


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