Recent Covid revelations, many of them that were silenced and discredited when they first came out, are very similar to what you see going on in climate and in fact many things today. This is a common tactic among people who wish to control others. Deny and even lie about something, then gradually release it after the mission is accomplished and no one is paying attention and the goal is accomplished. The vigilant and virtuous needed to maintain the freedom our constitution gives are being replaced by complacent and comfortable, largely indoctrinated to be that way. The left knows it and acts on it. The result is the decay of the experiment in freedom of “one nation UNDER GOD” and the evolution of the state INSTEAD OF GOD. Covid, Climate (the weaponization of weather) and almost all issues today follow this strategy designed to erase the foundational values that made this nation what it is.

But I am one of these guys that believes if you look for the light of God you will see it. The darkness can be used since it is easier to discern light, if that is what you are looking for Both exist in the world, at least in the one in which I live. I do try to use what I can to elevate my levels toward my heavenly father.

So we come to a song by U2 called “Where the Streets have No Names” The song never ceases to inspire me. To me, it is Bono’s refutation of John Lennon’s “Imagine” (I have not talked to Bono so he may refute my comment). “Imagine” is a song that sums up an attempt to replace God with a man-made Utopia of no accountability or reaching for a higher calling. There is no hell, and no heaven. If there is no heaven, there is no God. If there is no God men have to fill the vacuum by trying to create their own heaven. Instead, they make the world a living hell. Yet it became an anthem for a generation and sad to say, many of that generation are now in power today and trying to force an “Imagine” world on people. Then there is the U2 Song, “Where the Streets Have no Names”. Sounds like another “Imagine” right? Its opposite, for it describes a heaven that leaves the hell man has created on earth behind. In the 2001 live version of the song in Boston (I would listen to this while trying to do a 30 second versa climber burst and I have almost killed myself because I get whipped into a frenzy trying to keep up with the mounting tide of the song) during the opening. as the song begins to rise, you hear Bono quote Psalm 116: 12,13

12 What can I give back to God for the blessings he’s poured out on me?

13 I’ll lift high the cup of salvation – as a toast to our father!

To follow thru on a promise made from my heart

You can hear and see this version here

The elation and joy is palatable. He truly is a man reaching beyond his grasp and no matter what the interpretation of the crowd, they are helping him.

John Lennon’s “Imagine” is not asking what he can give back to God. Instead, if there is no heaven, there is no God, so you are not asking what you can give back to God. So it is what can you get for yourself under the rules of the state, and the state comes in and takes what it can, which constantly increases. It’s not accountability toward the teachings of our heavenly father that is the problem with man, it’s the lack of that spiritual accountability.

But the main hook in “Where the Streets Have No Names” is the lyric “ALL THE COLORS BLEED INTO ONE”. To me it means walls of limitations can only be torn down by a higher goal, or calling that involves ALL the blessings we have, not just select ones doled out depending on the whims of whoever is in charge. How do all the colors bleed into one, if the colors(ideas) are limited by shutting down freedom of speech and thought. So ALL THE COLORS have to bleed into one. Now this may have a different meaning to Bono than I. In fact, when I was in a band, one of the guys that I wrote our songs with, would always argue that it is what the audience gets out of it not what you are saying that is the goal of a song. I always liked telling stories with hooks. He said you cast the line out and then let whoever listen decide.

So here I am on a conservative blog, admitting he had a point (I actually think it is both).

So, what does this have to do with the rest of this title?

In Climate, the search for the truth (the higher calling) is being stymied by people who do not want all the ideas (colors) to compete (bleed into one). Ironically many of that generation love U2, though Streets has an opposite source of answers than “Imagine”. So they act the same as those that love “Imagine”. They do whatever they can to stop all the colors bleeding into one! How do you get to that higher place by eliminating the very ingredients or ideas that may be needed for the answer? Are they God that they KNOW the answer and therefore the psalmist’s toast should be lifted to their idea? Does it mean you can only give back to the heaven a climate zealot thinks can be constructed (hint: the state) That is much more along the lines of Lennons “Imagine”. There was no heaven in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany except for the state, and the result was the hell that was created. “Imagine” is the classic case of man shaking his fist angrily at God, saying God is responsible for the very evils that are opposite of what God stands for, and the result is a product of man turning away from God. It is like cursing God for giving you the blessing of freewill, because so many turn it into a curse. What a classic case of CREATING your own problem (mans inhumanity to man) and blaming something else. “Imagine” is the ultimate Victim mentality anthem. No limits, no higher spiritual calling or threat of accountability except the vacuum that allows the state to step in and administer. We see the poison fruits of that in front of us now.

BTW in defense of John Lennon, they did do “Tax Man” where they lamented “1 for me and 19 for you taxation”. See there is light in everything somewhere.

So what about Covid? What you are seeing now, the ramping up of the weaponization of weather as Covid diminishes, was forecasted in my book in chapters as or more relevant now because it is happening, then last year in the middle of the pandemic. But it’s the same thing. As the information some of us knew a year ago continues to come out, those options were shut down and voices silenced, the opposite of all the colors (ideas) bleeding into one. That is the main hook of “Streets with No Names”, based on the blessings the song talks about, to reach for truth that can only be found by reaching beyond one’s grasp. You do not allow another person to reach beyond his grasp by stopping his ability to even reach. How many lives could have been saved by some of the other ideas out there? We likely will never know. What we do know is that contradictions in what was being said are surfacing and voices that were pointing those things out were silenced in an effort to make everyone, like in climate, do as they were told by people only interested in their own version of Utopia.

Now the constitution. To me, the underlying message of the constitution is that it tries to assure us of as much freedom as possible to reach beyond ones grasp on the individual level. Which is from Browning “ A mans reach must exceed his grasp or whats a heaven for?” Lets circle back to the U2 song and Bono’s question at the start. How do you even have the option to give back to God what you wish, if you are not free to do so? How would you have the option to reach beyond your grasp if you are not free to do so? What does Browning say in the completion of his idea? Just like Psalm 116 he poses a question and Browning’s question is “Or Whats a Heaven for?” So the horrors of the song “Imagine” really describe a world that is not of God, (I guess Lennon never realized the Our Father is a prayer for Gods will to be done on earth, as it is heaven. Which means Gods will is not being done on earth by men, the same men the song wants us all to forget about heaven or hell) So we now see those who think they are above others and wish to stop all the colors from bleeding into one. They FORCE whatever they determine to be correct as their heaven, eliminating the idea of inclusiveness of ideas that is a by-product of freedom. They LIMIT the colors bleeding into one. And what does the constitution essentially try to give to each person? The freedom to decide for themselves, but based ON ALL THE OPTIONS. not just a set of options determined by whatever cause du jour is in vogue at the time.

If you have the time, read your constitution. Then think of what you have seen in covid and climate and what is coming out. Then reflect on the ideas of Browning, U2 and others who have opined that Heaven is not found without search and effort. You cannot search, you cannot reach beyond your grasp, if you do not have the freedom that allows all those colors to bleed into one. If you do not believe in God and do not believe in heaven, then all this is utter poppycock to you. And that’s fine. But then certainly you are not God and therefore you should not limit another person in whatever their search is, or be in charge of another persons freedom. You should not force your “Imagine” Utopia on another person or group of people.

In Climate, Covid, whatever, it’s the total picture that allows the truth to come out. You need freedom to allow all the colors to bleed into one, to find that answer. Our constitution tries to allow that. But it takes a vigilant and virtuous society to safeguard those freedoms and one that eliminates voices and forces all to obey is not that. It is one that will take advantage of the complacent and comfortable. And, it is certainly not a product of the song “Where the Streets have No Names”.

Gee, Imagine that.


  • Joe Bastardi

    Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here.