The horrible tragedy in Afghanistan revealed a Biden Administration divorced from reality.

President Biden and his people not only failed to validly assess the ramifications of their actions, they froze like deer in headlights and proved unable to adapt and respond as new information became available.

Afghanistan turned the Biden team into a bunch of fact-challenged “Baghdad Bobs.”

As the Taliban took control of town after town and were approaching Kabul, State Department spokesman Ned Price could not process what was happening.  On Friday (the thirteenth) he told NPR “The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have 300,000 fighters at their disposal, 300,000… In fact, President Biden’s budget request for the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces going forward has $3.3 billion of support… If you look at it on paper, they once again have over 300,000 troops. They have an air force. They have special forces. They have heavy equipment. The Taliban has almost none of this. The Taliban is a force of some 70,000 to 80,000, less than a third of the size of what the Afghan government can muster.”

Three days later President Ashraf Ghani  had fled and the Taliban controlled Kabul.

Ned Price spent the last few years as Director of Policy and Communications at National Security Action, a left-wing think tank focused “on advancing American global leadership and opposing the reckless policies of the Trump Administration.”  Price was one of President Biden’s earliest appointments.  The Biden Administration is filled with feckless bureaucrats like Price.

The Biden Administration did not understand Afghanistan.  They failed to formulate a valid plan for withdrawal, but worse, once proven wrong, they were unable to reassess and respond.  “On paper” Kabul remained secure.

We can learn a great deal from Biden’s Afghanistan debacle.

The Biden Administration smugly lectures us on scores of topics as if they possess great insight to which we all must yield.

They are almost always WRONG.  Unfortunately, unlike Afghanistan, it usually takes far longer to learn just how wrong they are.

Climate change is “an existential threat” Biden tells us with a wag of his finger.  The science is settled and not to be discussed.  Maybe on paper or computer models, Mister President, reality however, continues to reveal the models to be too hot, and the weather to be natural.

We must all switch to electric vehicles President Biden tells us, “there is no turning back.

It is the Biden Administration’s climate policies that are actually making America less secure. Last week Biden had the audacity to call on OPEC to pump more oil, while he does everything to strangle American-made energy production to make us more dependent on nations who hate us.

As Biden forces us to adopt more inefficient, intermittent solar and wind and short-range electric vehicles, it also forces greater reliance on China. China has a near-monopoly on the rare Earth minerals necessary to make renewables and EVs. With China embracing Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, expect the Chinese government move quickly to exploit Afghanistan’s vast resources including lithium and oil.

Here’s a frightening reality.  Biden’s military and foreign policy bureaucracy that failed so dramatically, is MORE ABLE than the people running his energy, environment, economic, immigration, criminal justice and the rest of American policy.

Americans must wake up to the reality that left-wing policies do not work across the board.

Wrecking our electric grid is a terrible mistake.  So are the higher taxes, new entitlements and waste in Biden’s $3.5 trillion spendapalooza bill.

Biden’s bureaucrats and left-wing zealots are dead wrong across the board and must be stopped before they do further damage.


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.