CFACT President and co-founder Craig Rucker, spoke with Melina Wisecup of NTD News at the Heartland Institute’s 14th International Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas.

Rucker explained how many facts are ignored in the climate change discussion, such as the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods which show that temperatures were very warm in the past, far before anthropogenic emissions were claimed to be a problem.

Watch the full interview here.

Parts of the interview also aired on NTD Evening News, and featured CFACT’s Marc Morano as well. That can be viewed here.

Supporting links for Rucker’s comments on permafrost:

“The real climate science deniers” article by Paul Driessen on Watts Up With That

Viking artifacts found under melting permafrost – NY Times

Viking highway found under melting permafrost – National Geographic

Ancient Alaskan forest found under melting glacier – Live Science



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