At the end of every year global warming campaigners contrive desperately to proclaim the year past “the hottest ever,” no matter how mild the temperature.

2021 didn’t fit the warming narrative at all, so they lumped it in with others to try and absurdly claim a tiny 0.134 degree above the 30-year average as somehow meaningful.

Marc Morano posted a fact-filled report exposing “warmest ever” hype to CFACT’s Climate Depot.

“All datasets including NASA GISS, UK Met Office & RSS, UAH satellites, show global temperatures declining since 2016… Warmists spin to conceal cooling temps in 2021,”  Marc wrote, as part of a roundup of data and analysis from experts and commentators from around the globe.  You should take a look.

Hottest hype ever 2

Australia’s Joanne Nova was scorching in her takedown.  “Since when do we do climate analysis on seven year periods?”  She asked.  “Since climate scientists get rewarded for scaring taxpayers and ‘seven’ is this years lucky number… all Climate Bingo games are boosted by inexplicable adjustments, badly placed thermometers, shrinking thermometer screens, and the process of constantly rewriting history. If the incinerators near thermometers don’t do it, the homogenization will.”

“Trust the science,” shouts the Left, and then proceeds to distort the scientific data time and again.

How many half truths and outright untruths must we expose for the public to accept that political bias has no place in science?


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.