The press is full of stories claiming climate change is racist

But the reality is climate alarmism is itself racist.  According to Oxford University in North America and Europe 100% of the population has access to clean fuels for cooking. However in the Central African Republic it is less than 1%. Clean fuels for most people are methane and fossil fuel powered electricity, but western climate alarmists are working to deny Africans the same clean fuels which they use.

The lack of clean fuels causes four million premature deaths per year in the third world..

People in America and Europe promoting climate alarm are denying Africans access to the clean energy they need to protect themselves from lung cancer and other diseases caused by cooking with biomass fuels.

Additionally there is no evidence supporting the claims of climate alarmists. As fossil fuel usage has steadily increased over the past century,  death rates from natural disasters including weather have declined more than 95%.

In 1921 there was a worldwide drought and famine which put millions of people on the brink of starvation.

This was associated with one of the largest solar storms ever recorded.

When atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were lower in the 19th century, tens of millions of people died from drought and famine.

The available evidence does not support claims that usage of fossil fuels has made earth more dangerous for humans – historical evidence shows the exact opposite. Malnutrition has been declining sharply in recent decades and life expectancy has been increasing.

The claims of climate alarmists are used as a political weapon, but there is no evidence it makes any difference which party is in power. Atmospheric CO2 rises just as quickly with Democrats in power as with Republicans.

Additionally, there is no evidence that the dozens of climate summits and agreements made over the past three decades have made any difference.

The New York Times and Washington Post claim we only have a few years to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar.

But the data shows wind and solar are making almost no progress replacing fossil fuels, and are now providing less than 3% of global energy usage. At the current rate of increase wind and solar would require nearly one thousand years to reach that goal.

Weather disasters caused much more suffering in the past than they do now. The claims of climate alarmists are not based on evidence, and they are using junk science to promote bad policy which directly hurts people living in third world countries. Climate alarmism is inherently racist – alarmists want to deny the third world the same comforts they enjoy.


  • Tony Heller

    Tony Heller, geologist, electrical engineer: Another great contributor to understanding carbon dioxide from fossil fuels.