I can’t help but see the link.  In fact, it is clearer than ever with the passing of my parents due to Covid. They passed together holding hands within 10 minutes of each other on Jan 19.  The evil ,and that is what it is, whether well-intentioned or not, was revealed in the steadfast refusal of the hospital administrators to allow any kind of “non-approved” therapeutic into the mix to try to save them.My prayers were not only for my parents but for the doctors on the front lines. For 2 years they have been hit with this thing, They have had to fight and like soldiers in trenches, I am sure some of them have grave doubts about what their commanders are ordering them to do,   It is easy for someone to sit here and say, well take a stand and do what you think is best.   Which of course would mean you would lose your medical license. So I had nothing but prayers and gratitude for them for doing what they could do,

But a conversation with one of the doctors was very telling, I asked him how did Trump get rid of Covid in 4 days?  He is way overweight. stressed, tweeting at all hours of the night. How did he get rid of it so fast? What did he use? I suspect I know what he used as there was no vaccine available at the time, In any case, I said we had sent 73 peer-reviewed studies to the hospital administrators and they basically ghosted us. and.did not answer.  What recourse did I have? Sue them for the wrongful death of a 92 and 86 year old? They know they have you over a barrel.

But the question is,  who is pulling their strings?

The doctor’s answer exemplified exactly what my argument is not only on Climate but everything across the board.  People think they know an answer and force their ideas on others without any regard for the idea things may change.

Paraphrasing, he said the strain was much less contagious in the fall of 2020.

Which of course contradicted what. Dr. Fauci was preaching at the time

So  I asked: Why did we shut down the country then?  ( including turning the election into a donnybrook by outsourcing the responsibility of people to actually show up and vote on site)

His comment. WE DIDN’T KNOW THEN.

PRECISELY.  And You don’t know.  And with studies coming out now verifying a lot of what people who have been shut down and canceled have been saying,  you still don’t know, But someone has decided that no cheap therapeutics which might not work for everyone, work for some,  are not even allowed to be tried.

This is not the fault of the medical workers on the front line, whom even after my mom and dad have passed I am now praying for all the time, I can’t even imagine being in their position.    It is like the scene in Gettysburg.   The soldier cowering behind the fence and the southern commander reminding him that he may live, but what would he think of himself in the morning.

When this all comes out and the history is written about this virus, there are going to be a lot of people having to face that kind of haunting question, Its similar for soldiers who were just obeying orders.   I can’t even imagine the kind of torture someone with a conscience will have to face if these things that are coming out are true.  Pray for all the medical people that are on the front lines.

The authorities didn’t know then, they don’t know now.  Know means and absolute certainty, I know the sun rises in the east for instance.  So if you don’t know something sure you use the best ideas, but you open your mind up and allow for outside options,   They might think they know, but Covid is a Novel and Fluid virus, ( like nature) and so what you think you know is likely to change.  And yet you deny people the chance to use things that may save their lives.

Believing something and KNOWING something is not the same thing. And we interpret what we see based on what we believe. The bottom line to shut out the chance however remote of what could be the right solution is evil.

Think about this and what you are seeing across the board. What is the possible source of this? Again if you believe in God and truth is a trait of God, what is nontruth or hiding of truth a trait of? Tell you what, take God out of it, If truth is good, what is non-truth? It’s the opposite. Evil,  What is shutting down the search for truth with an arrogant, nontransient position? That’s evil.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions

But this is no different than what I see in climate,  In fact, as the Covid worsened in my mom and dad, I could see the common thread of entrenched authority that would be threatened by any challenge.  These people believe they know the answer, They outsource their curiosity and their abilities to a model. a group of people that claim they are doing what the science says. It is the same story over and over again, Some storm shows up and it’s climate change and man is the cause.  Yet 99.9% of the planet has nothing out of the ordinary going on while any big storm is raging, Life has never been better on planet earth, the planet has never been this green in the satellite era In fact 90% of all Covid deaths have occurred in an age group that was 20 years or more beyond the average life expectancy a century ago.  How is climate then leading to a worsening human condition?  Yet the disaster is always lurking, And like Covid, these arrogant self-proclaimed authorities simply double down on their missive.  And a willing media follows along.

If science is the search for truth then what happens when what you believed to be true changes.  We know more about covid than we did in the fall of 2020  but why was it sold to all and accepted by many.  If it was true then, how can it not be true now?   We know more. That is precisely my point. So why do you shut down options that may prove to have merit?  Same in climate.  Same across the board.  What we knew before is different than what we know now, and what will know in the future. If  God is infinite and majestic how can any human or group of them think they know the absolute truth.  A person that believes they know the absolute truth and forces it on others is playing God.  And a human playing God is evil.

I am a big John Mellencamp fan.   He probably would not be a fan of mine.  Somehow his song Minutes to Memories may have contained the answer to this whole situation.

..suck it up and tough it out
And be the best you can

Maybe that is the solution. We have to suck it up and tough it out, not hide and cower in fear.  Covid, climate, whatever.    But such ideas mean there has to be questioning of authority and the freedom to compete with ideas and actions.

Not marching lockstep to overlords that have decided they know best


  • Joe Bastardi

    Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here. phonyclimatewar.com