Marc Morano weighs in on EastMed Pipeline, European dependence on Russian energy – Broadcast Live – Feb. 27, 2022 – publisher Marc Morano discusses the EastMed Pipeline and the consequences of dependence on Russian energy.


Morano: “Israel was going to supply 20 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually through Greece and then to the rest of Europe in order to counter Russia’s energy dominance of natural gas to Europe. And this was actually supported by the Trump administration. Israel was all in. Greece was all in, and then the Biden administration comes in in pursuit of their net-zero emission policies and the Biden State Department actually said, this does not fit with our ‘going green’ on climate and they literally pulled support of this last month without even informing the two main promoters of this, Israel and Greece. And this pipeline has now been suspended. Now keep in mind, Biden had reversed Trump’s earlier decision on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Trump had put sanctions on the pipeline. Biden said, No, we’ll let those sanctions go. These are problems because all it’s done is canceling this EastMed pipeline from Israel to Europe has just made Vladimir Putin’s Russia much, much stronger.”

“This was going be a 1200 mile pipeline into Europe to give countries another source of energy besides Russia. So this is about ideology. It’s about the green agenda is about the Green New Deal. And it’s about the real consequences of these policies, because now instead of getting energy from stable democracies, like Israel, we’re more reliant on Russia.”


Biden Administration Kills Israel-to-Europe Gas Pipeline to support ‘going green’: The 6-billion-euro ($6.8 billion) project envisages the construction of a 1,900-kilometer (1,180-mile) undersea pipeline that would carry up to 20 billion cubic meters of gas annually from Israeli and Cypriot waters to Crete and then on to the Greek mainland. From there, the gas would be transported to Italy and other countries in southeastern Europe.  The demise of the EastMed pipeline project appears to be — in large measure — the handiwork of Amos Hochstein, a political operator in the American Democratic Party and an acolyte of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and former U.S. President Barack Obama. Hochstein, a confidant of U.S. President Joe Biden, currently serves as Senior Advisor for Energy Security at the U.S. Department of State.

In January 2022, Turkish state television channel TRT aired a documentary — “The Pipe Dream” (Part 1 and Part 2) — in which Hochstein repeatedly criticized the EastMed pipeline because it excludes Turkey. He also decried the Trump administration’s support of the project:

“I don’t see the need for the United States to come in and support this project. This is a project that probably should not happen because it’s too complicated, too expensive, and too late in the arc of history. “Today in the Biden administration I would be extremely uncomfortable with the United States supporting this project. Why would we build a fossil fuel pipeline between the East Med and Europe at a time when our entire policy is to support new technology, new developments, and new investments in going green and going cleaner?


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Biden withdrew support from the EastMed pipeline, which would have supplied Europe natural gas from Israel

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Daily Caller noted that “Morano, possessed a rapier-like wit and is the master of parody and satire.” In June 2011, Climate Depot received another award at the Heartland Institute’s 6th climate conference in DC. In 2012, Morano was (dis) honored by climate activists at Media Matters as the “Climate Misinformer of the Year.” See: Gore touts Morano as 2012’s ‘Climate ‘Misinformer of the Year’: ‘ founder Marc Morano has been called ‘the Matt Drudge of climate denial,’ the ‘king of the skeptics’. In 2014, Morano went Hollywood and was featured in Variety Magazine – Called ‘charismatic professional climate-change misinformer’ In 2015, Morano was at the center of an international media firestorm erupted after wanted posters were plastered all over the streets of Paris during the UN climate summit with Morano’s face declaring him a “Climate Criminal.” In 2016, Morano was (Dis) Honored Again! Named #2 on ‘TOP 10 CLIMATE DENIERS’ list by DiCarpio & National Geographic In 2015, Morano appeared in the Sony Pictures climate documentary. See: Reviews are in! Skeptic Morano as villain in warmist film is ‘terrifyingly impressive, sadistic’ – ‘The doc’s most engaging character’ – ‘A magnificent antihero, a cheery, chatty prevaricator’ – ‘Slick’ – ‘Scary’ – ‘A loathsome mercenary’ – ‘Sleazy spin doctor’ New Warmist film by Sony Pictures, ‘Merchants of Doubt’, portrays Marc Morano as evil nemesis/arch-enemy of climate change promoters – Morano is ‘a grinning-skull nihilist’ Global warming movies sets out to smear skeptics, but ‘features ‘a semi-affectionate portrait of professional attack dog Marc Morano’ New York Times: Morano exemplifies ‘slickness, grandiosity & charm’ – New York Times: ‘Morano is a cheerful and unapologetic promoter of climate-change skepticism’ Post: ‘Morano is, arguably, the star of film’ – ‘Morano makes for a jocular — and weirdly unapologetic — advocate for what can only be called ignorance’– ‘I’m not a scientist,’ Morano jokes, flashing a huge, telegenic grin, ‘but I play one on TV.’ Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry: ‘Morano is actually quite broadly knowledgeable about climate science and the associated politics’ Warmist review of Merchants Of Doubt criticizes film for being ‘swindled by the charm of charismatic talking heads’ like Morano– Warmist Naomi Oreskes: ‘People like Morano have made a career out of being contrarians, and they are very good at it. When a scientist comes up against a well-trained, savvy person, scientists will always lose in the debate.’ Warmist Randy Olson laments: ‘Wish the enviros had someone comparable to Morano, but they don’t’ The New York Times profiled Morano in April 2009, noting that he used science as a “Political Battering Ram.” In April 2010, Esquire Magazine featured Morano in a 6500 profile. See: Esquire Mag. Profiles Climate Depot’s Morano in 6500 Word Feature Article: ‘This Man Wants to Convince You Global Warming is a Hoax…He seems to be winning’ Morano’s Senate website won the coveted 2007 Gold Mouse Award for being the “Best of the Best.” The award was made possible by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and the National Science Foundation. Morano’s website got so many readers in January of 2007 that the volume shut down the entire Senate website, including every Senator’s personal websites. Morano spearheaded the 2007 groundbreaking report of 400-plus dissenting scientists and the follow-up 2008 report of 650-plus scientists dissenting from man-made global warming fears. In 2010, a new 321-page “Climate Depot Special Report” featured over 1,000 international scientists who had turned against the UN IPCC. Morano released his “A-Z Climate Reality Check” report at the UN COP17 conference in South Africa in December 2011. Morano, who has spent years researching climate change, environmental, and energy issues, traveled to Greenland in 2007 to investigate global warming claims. As Senate staff, Morano also attended the United Nation’s climate eco-conferences held in Kenya, Indonesia, and Poland in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Morano has held both White House and Capitol Hill Press credentials and was a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. He has attended and reported on numerous international eco-conferences and attend the annual UN-sponsored Climate Summits. Morano was the investigative reporter for Cybercast News Service in Washington, DC. He has also served as a reporter/producer for the nationally syndicated television newsmagazine “American Investigator.” Morano served as the television reporter/producer for the nationally syndicated “Rush Limbaugh, the Television Show,” during the show’s four-year run (1992-1996). Morano, referred to by Mr. Limbaugh as “Our Man in Washington,” had the dubious distinction of being the first journalist in history to have his television camera seized at the Clinton White House while on assignment with the Limbaugh show. Morano was born in Washington, DC, and grew up in McLean, VA. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at George Mason University.