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The EPA myth of “Clean Power”

The Environmental Protection Agency, following the lead of the Obama Administration, has promulgated rules designed to shut down America's coal industry and force the U.S. economy to rely on unsustainable wind and solar energy for future power generation. Americans in the know realize this course of action will lead to energy shortages, brownouts and blackouts, higher energy prices, and more. Lawsuits seeking to curtail the EPA's power are pending in federal court -- and the plaintiffs point out that the EPA is violating its own rules and federal law in its quest for power.

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Green slander

No sooner than the Obama Administration and the Green Left realized that public support for their climate agenda was at an all-time low, the co-conspirators for fundamental transformation formulated a plan to smear every well-known scientist who dared challenge the false consensus that they should play on fears of climate change" to implement their radical agenda. CFAC contributor Alan Caruba shows how this is thinly veiled fascism -- because they fear the truth.

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NASA keeps telling “warmest” lies

Alan Caruba slams NASA for becoming a non-factor in the exploration of space and instead allowing itself to be used as a mouthpiece for the global warming movement. While spouting off that 2014 was the warmest year ever (in modern times, of course), NASA calmly forgot to note that it used only surface temperatures (with many rural data stations missing and others corrupted in heat islands) rather than the more accurate satellite measurements to make its determinations. Fortunately, the real facts are much more readily available today -- including at the upcoming 10th annual l International Conference on Climate Change in June.

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Being anti-energy is being anti-humanity

So the UN IPCC wants us to stop using fossil fuels entirely by 2100 -- whether or not we will need them. Alan Caruba recommends that everyone read Alex Epstein's great new book, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels. Epstein argues that we have used the power of fossil-fueled machines to build a durable civilization that is highly resilient to extreme heat, extreme cold, floods, storms, and so on” -- and that this demonstrates the foolishness of those who oppose their use.

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