Real climate denial

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine is among the leaders of a Senate cabal seeking to discredit climate skeptics, including the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, for which Megan Toombs is Director of Communications. Toombs notes that Kaine's attack is full of half-truths and blatant misrepresentations of fact. The same is true regarding the so-called arguments for catastrophic climate change.

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Greens “smuggle” climate policy into the church to tip climate politics

The old adage -- follow the money -- proves right once again. The Evangical Environmental Network, created to "green" evangelical parishoners into voting for radical environmental policies, was paid for this job via grants from the Hewlett and Energy Foundations, among others. This brazen attempt to politicize the churches was thwarted by a counter measure group, the Cornwall Alliance. Yet the greens remain hopeful they will succeed the next time around.

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