Lord Monckton exposes Al Gore’s “dirty weather report”


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  1. I’ve got a great idea! As we know the RED Cross does wonderful work, and it does it now on the East Coast and even in Syria today. Who is it among us who wouldn’t support such a great organization? I suggest we come together, Al Gore and His Supporters, and Monckton’s and those who believe he has the facts on his side. A great debate between the two with all the proceeds going to the RED Cross. Who is it that would say no to such an idea and why?

    • Johnpd

      Al Gore has persistently denied Lord Monckton’s invitations to debate.
      He wont go near anyone who knows the science, he’s just a snake oil salesman, who’s made multi millions out of this scam.

        • Johnpd

          Al Gore is very religious, & his God is the Almighty Dollar.
          His favourite saying is God helps those who help themselves.
          But I bet he loves his Mom.
          Seriously though, his concern for mankind’s future is well publicised.

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