CFACT’s Morano vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy 9 PM CNN tonight!

Tonight’s match!
CFACT’s Marc Morano
Bill Nye the Science Guy
CNN, Piers Morgan

CFACT’s Marc Morano is back in the ring!

Marc Morano, Editor in Chief of Climate Depot, takes on Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Piers Morgan show, CNN 9 PM tonight (Tuesday)

I’m just headed for bed after a full day working for you in Doha, Qatar, but my family set the DVR for me back home.

If you haven’t yet seen Marc in action, don’t miss this chance to see him live.

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker
Executive Director

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  1. richard

    Just saw this. Strong performance…unfortunately the host kept getting in the way (Nye was virtually a non-factor). Unfortunate that on such a show, serious debate is impossible, but I felt Murano was at least able to hint at some of the reasons why the view Nye presented is irrational.

  2. Wow…Morano is a dick….when you are opposite such an esteemed and genuinely popular guy like Bill Nye, try taking a chill pill and debating like a gentlemen instead of someone who sounds like he was trumped by nerds all his high school career. Total and EPIC FAIL…what an asshat.

    • HennyPenny

      Nic you’re the “dick” Bill Nye, a “popular guy?” Popularity does not give someone credibility! It’s ignorant fools like you who buy into the AWG hoax. A signed copy of Chicken Little is on it’s way!

      • Guest

        You’re right popularity does not give you credibility…nor does being impolite and constantly interrupting the other guest…lol…wow…Morano really has you guys hooked…Ignorant fool…lol…your opinion does not compete against my fact. =)

          • Guest

            No, that’s how you see it. The point I’m making is Morano behaved like a complete moron. He never attempted to discuss – all he did was fling his bullet points, interrupting, even stating Nye was just wasting time…it’s funny, when someone like that is presented as a “credible” source and yet behaves like an ass, how are intelligent viewers EVER going to take him seriously? Yet, when I behaved the same way – you jump on the wagon all ruffled up about my text…perhaps, both he and his audience have spent too much time listening to the same old resources…too much time on Fox? *wink* It’s time to stop arguing and start discussing. Sorry, but ya’ll are just too easy to rile up…=)

  3. Brian G Valentine

    I didn’t watch it, I couldn’t. Bill Nye is such a lightweight, the depth of his knowledge is so meager, his attachment to dogma that he doesn’t have a clue about is so strong that it is painful to watch him

  4. al

    I agree Morano looked very unprofessional and made himself look stupid by being an obnoxious prick, i mean come on your on cnn be mature guess he left his manners at home and idk where he gets his facts from but global warming is happening it’s pretty obvious with all the ice melting and its been getting hotter every year n your insane if you think Nye is full of it he’s been a scientist since i was a child im sure he know a thing or two about global warming. i just hope for those of you that support morano your RIGHT because if your WRONG then god please help us because our children and grandchildren ect will be the ones to suffer not us we’ll be gone so its our responsibility for our childrens future

  5. guest 2

    wow! So sad that Morano and this website are so misinformed! In my state its been warm all winter so far (never below 60 F), and spring came in early February. It has been over 100 degrees F regularly this whole summer, and that is just one year! It will be so sad when christians are blamed for decieving the public years from now… all the work done, and all those who are dying for the name of Jesus will be dishonored by this debate, as this is the new Crusades. History will look unkindly on you, Morano, but I hope that we can see change come soon, dispite those paid to lie about the facts.

  6. Liam

    If Galileo was alive today he would be quietly saying “human activity still causes climate change”, while extremely well-funded right wing pressure groups bully honest science, and mislead their (often none to bright) audience based on political dogma. The basic results of climate change research are increasing stengthened by both empirical research and rapidly improving simulations.

    (1) Anthropogenic global climate change is a fact

    (2) It’s going to get a lot more extreme, and all that is feasible is limiting how extreme.

    (3) This will increase the frequency of extreme weather events.

    Only those utterly ignorant of statistics would put the case that no individual extreme weather event can be stated to be clearly a result of human activities since the industrial revolution. (For those who find this point difficult, consider another case of increased risk, such as someone smoking and dying of a heart attack. While the risk is increased, it is impossible to state that a particular heart attack is solely caused by smoking, merely that smoking increases the frequency of heart attacks).

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