Co-founder to Greenpeace: “Allow golden rice now!”

"How many more?" asks Patrick Moore

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore has taken on a herculean task; convincing Greenpeace to place innocent lives before radical ideology.

Activists recently attacked and destroyed a field of “golden rice” in Pili, Camarines Sur in the Philippines.  Moore’s campaign extols the virtues of golden rice and takes Greenpeace to task.

From the organizers:

The aim of the campaign is to convince Greenpeace that it should make an exception to its immoral and lethal zero-tolerance position on genetic modification – and allow and support the distribution of Golden Rice, on humanitarian grounds. The World Health Organization estimates that up to 500,000 children become blind each year due to vitamin A deficiency. Half of them die within a year of becoming blind. About 250 million preschool children worldwide suffer from vitamin A deficiency, among the nearly 3 billion people who depend on rice as their staple food.

Golden riceConventional rice has no beta-carotene, the nutrient that humans need to produce vitamin A. In 1999 Dr. Ingo Potrykus and Dr. Peter Beyer, both science professors who were aware of this humanitarian crisis, invented Golden Rice after a nine-year effort. By inserting genes from corn, they were able to cause rice plants to produce beta-carotene in the rice kernel. It is beta-carotene that makes corn golden and carrots orange. Golden Rice can end the blindness, suffering and death caused by vitamin A deficiency. It would be distributed at no cost to poor farmers around the world, to help end this needless humanitarian crisis. Up to now, however, Greenpeace has blocked these efforts, perpetuating the blindness and death.

Field trials in Louisiana, the Philippines and Bangladesh have proven that Golden Rice can be grown successfully. Clinical nutritional trials with animals, adult humans, and vitamin A deficient children have proven that Golden Rice will deliver sufficient vitamin A to cure this affliction. Yet Greenpeace continues to support the violent destruction of the field trials. It also trashes the peer-reviewed science that proves Golden Rice is effective and safe.

We demand that Greenpeace end these immoral, child-killing activities, stop fundraising on this issue, and declare that they are not opposed to Golden Rice. We believe that its continued actions to block Golden Rice constitute a crime against humanity as defined by the United Nations.

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines is Golden rice 2coordinating the research and development of Golden Rice. The IRRI is supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Helen Keller International, USAID, and many agricultural research organizations. Golden Rice is controlled by non-profit organizations, and it produces viable Golden Rice seeds, so farmers are not dependent on any particular supplier.

“The Allow Golden Rice Now! campaign will carry this protest to Greenpeace offices around the world,”stated Dr. Moore, a cofounder and former leader of Greenpeace, an organization that many say has become increasingly anti-science and anti-people in recent decades.

“Eight million children have died unnecessarily since Golden Rice was invented.  How many more million can Greenpeace carry on its conscience?” Dr. Moore asked.


About the Author: CFACT Ed

  • John WB

    Greenpeace are responsible for the genocide of millions of children. Their leaders should be charged and tried for crimes against humanity. First up should be Naidoo.

  • alpha2actual

    It is a misconception that the Environmental Movement is benign, well intentioned, and monolithic– it is not. In reality the movement is extremely factionalized and schizophrenic. The legitimate players are the rent seekers, grant chasers, and politicans pandering to a constituency, the Green Lobby.

    The True Believers are the Transnational Progressives, Luddites, Malthusians, Narcissistic Xenophobes, Gaia cultists, Margaret Sanger Eugenics disciples, and Pathological Altruists to name but a few. Review your “Silent Spring” and the attending banning and restrictions on the use of DDT. The carnage visited on the inhabitants of the Sub Sahara, South America, and Asia is unconscionable. Read Erlich’s “Population Bomb” and the Club of Rome literature “carrying capacity” is code for distain of inhabitants of Third World countries.. Science is intended to drive policy not the other way around. Policy driven Science misallocates capital but more importantly takes lives.

    These modern environmentalists, and I’m including the Global Warming Alarmists, are immoral and inhuman and have racked up a body count that surpasses 100 million and counting, 80% children under five and pregnant women.

    • colleenf

      Excellent post!!!
      Bet we won’t hear from even ONE of the ecoterrorists or liberal loonies on this subject.
      They can only post (aka: rant and rave) about feel-good nonsense about “feed the poor!” or “for the children!” when they want another tax or abortion clinic opened.
      Everyone needs to share this story around the world.

      • seriously??????

        Which one of the posts on here, including you own post, was not a rant or a rave… honestly… they are all baseless rants….
        The “liberal loonies” read these articles. Unfortunately there is generally no point in posting a comment as you have already made up your minds on the topic. Oh, and there is nothing like name calling to show just how intelligent an audience really is!!!
        How about you blame the actual legislators and leaders of the countries of the world for the starving and sick children. Greenpeace is not the be all, end all of legislation. They do not make the decisions or laws that are brought down on the world residents. They are just one of the many, many lobbing groups out there. They seem to take the brunt of the blame though! Get out there and do something if you want to make a change in the world. Sitting on you rear ends will do nothing but make you look silly…
        Oh… ecoterrorists?? You guys can do better than that..

  • colleenf

    Thanks to the ecoterrorists, we also have more deaths and illness each year due to malaria since the elimination of DDT.
    The DDT claims on environmental disaster was perpetrated by a false study and downright lies.
    Now thanks to the current crop of ecoterrorists in Green Peace……kids are dying due to vitamin A deficiencies.
    Is this just not another example of an anarchists/terrorist at work???

  • Dann

    Who is to say that Rice with Beta Carotene is the absolute solution to the problem? What about other crops? Cheaper food imports? Not exploiting other countries? Perhaps if we remove some of the bigger issues that are causing this one, the issue wouldn’t exist.

    Every time I hear Bill and Melinda Gates, my exploiting senses start to tingle. Those two have done nothing but exploit education, labour and agriculture for their own profit and those they work with. They invest heavily in Walmart, Big Oil, and Big Pharma.

    I sure do want to see this problem solved and blocking life-saving grains doesn’t sit well with me, but by they should not be singled out as the villains here.

  • lopata seven

    Golden rice is a sham, it has nothing to do with saving life of poor children, it is a for profit driven campaign. Now poor farmer will be more poor as they will not be able to save seeds for next year without paying royalty.

    • Star Craving Engineer

      From paragraph five of the original post:

      ” Golden Rice is controlled by non-profit organizations, and it produces
      viable Golden Rice seeds, so farmers are not dependent on any particular

      So, one of you is misinformed. I doubt that it’s Patrick Moore.

  • Kathy D

    Get your facts straight! This guy is NOT a founder or cofounder of GREENPEACE! He is a paid lobbyist! You people who wrote negative posts about Greenpeace are probably also the ones who voted in Trump! And to collenf I’d like to see you idiot drink DDT or why not serve it to your kids at dinner! You moron!