Morano on Blaze TV: Global warming claims like “bad fortune telling”

‘Every high school kid has never experienced global warming in their lifetime. Every elementary school kid has only experienced slight global cooling in their lifetime. Without warming, the warmists switch over to global ‘weirding.’



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  1. Allan Wulff

    Another example. Science ‘weirding’.

    In researching a ‘green’ product called Inflector we distribute that controls window heat transfer, I have increasingly come across sources one might otherwise expect to be reliable, stating unequivocally that radiation heat (IR) only goes through windows in one direction. Of course that is silly, or just inane. Heat ALWAYS goes from hot to cold. The AMOUNT or RATE at which heat is exchanged varies with several things, including temperature. This concept is being distorted grotesquely by these sources. The same factual misstatement is made by some sources regarding solar radiation heating the earth. This appears to be well-funded bad science, justifying global warming claims. Makes it hard to be a believer.

  2. Bobalooie

    This will be old news to many, if not most, but to those who are unaware this is fundamental in understanding the true character of “climate change” (formally known as global warming) – at its simplest level it is a political agenda masquerading as environmentalism. I personally believe there IS a connection between CO2 emissions and increasing temperatures but I also believe this truth was grossly radicalized to serve a political end. Not to serve the environment and certainly not to serve the truth.

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