Great global warming debate rebroadcast on Fox

Bill Nye the global warming propaganda guy got himself thoroughly trounced by Marc Morano the scientific facts guy in Thursday night’s television debate.

There’s another chance to catch the debate which will be re-aired tonight at 10 PM on Fox News Channel. Tune in or set your DVR.

One viewer’s take: “Utterly Stunned watching @ClimateDepot debate UNARMED opponent @TheScienceGuy on @FBNStossel Nye only repeated superficial talking points”


Morano v Nye Stossel Rebroadcast

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  1. takspyr

    Bill Nye’s only point that he kept repeating was that the population increase since the 1700’s from 1 billion to 7 billion today was the empirical evidence for global warming even though the computer models are flawed.

    What Bill seems to forget is the 7 billion people are made up of 98.7% WATER! People were here in the form of raw materials before they were born and they will return to the earth from which they came after they die to become part of the EARF no matter how many people inhabit the EARF!

    No, humans and human activity do not cause the EARF to become warmer. We were here all along.

    If there is any warming to be done, it is done by the sun.

  2. Scott Scarborough

    i don’t watch TV and don’t know how to watch the “Fox News” channel. I turned on FOX 27/21 in our area and it didn’t have this debate. Is this a cable channel or broadcast channel.

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