Obama may shut down government over UN “Green Climate Fund”

President Obama may be prepared to shut down the entire U.S. government unless the Congress appropriates funds for the UN’s “Green Climate Fund.”

The fund was established as a mechanism for the transfer of funds from prosperous nations to “developing” nations. Despite many pledges, it has yet to receive large-scale funding. The managers of the fund recently reported that they have $5.83 billion on hand rather than the $10 billion which had been pledged.

The most current draft of the UN climate pact calls for the fund to receive $100 billion per year by 2020, and for it to be “scaled up” from there. This would be great news for carbon profiteers. We expect a substantial portion would “fall off the table” which would be great news as well for corrupt dictators and their tax-haven bankers.

Paul Bodnar is the National Security Council’s “senior energy and climate change director.” He told the press during a telephone briefing that transferring an inititial payment of $3 billlion to the UN fund is a “priority” for President Obama. He would not rule out a veto of the entire U.S. Budget if the President does not get it.

Not long ago President Obama called the possibility of a government shutdown over Obama Green Climate Fund zfunding for Planned Parenthood “ridiculous.” Will it also be ridiculous if the President shuts down the government over the UN’s Green Climate Fund?

The UN’s most significant climate summit in years convenes in Paris on Monday with the aim of obtaining an international climate agreement to replace the Kyoto Prototocol.

The U.S. is not a signatory to Kyoto. The UN wants to bring the U.S. into a new climate pact now, before President Obama leaves office.

There are significant divides, particularly between “developed” and developing nations. “Climate finance” is a major one.

A few year’s back CFACT’s delegation to a UN summit in Bonn met with the representative of the island nation of Tonga. “Ah, you are Americans!” He said, “When are you going to send us the money?”

That sums up the attitude of the representatives of many developing nations. They see no reason to agree to anything in Paris unless they receive a major payout. They want U.S. taxpayers to foot a major portion of the bill.

That’s where they run into a little problem called the U.S. Constitution.

Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry hope to convince the UN summit to adopt a non-binding agreement rather than a binding treaty. They are well aware that they are unable to muster the two thirds majority of the Senate it would take to ratify a treaty. If funding the UN’s Green Climate Fund remains optional, U.S. funding remains contingent on a congressional appropriation.

Secretary Kerry said that the Administration is “struggling to find $3 billion for the green climate fund” at a speech at Old Dominion University. He recently seemed to leave open the possibility that the Administration would divert funds from other line items to the UN fund. This would run contrary to the principle that all U.S. spending must originate in the House of Representatives. Current House spending bills contain no appropriation for the fund and 37 Senators and 110 members of the House signed letters opposing contributions to the fund.

In addition, if climate funding is not made part of a binding treaty, future U.S. Administrations will be free to cut off the funds at any time.

UN climate Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres told the NY Times that finance is “the most challenging aspect of the whole deal… There is no credible road map to the $100 billion.”

Wealthier nations would like the flexibility to raise climate funds from a variety of sources including private business.  The developing nations are adamant that funding should come exclusively from government funds.

President Obama is flying to Paris Sunday hoping that in three days he can convince other nations to give him a climate agreement he can sign without Senate ratification. Other heads of state and UN delegates need to know that Obama’s legal basis for bypassing the Senate and going it alone on climate is dubious, and that there is insufficient support for ongoing funding of the UN’s Green Climate Fund in Congress.

Representatives of nations wondering, like Tonga, when the U.S. is “going to send us the money?” had best brace themselves for a financial disappointment.


About the Author: Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is president and co-founder of CFACT.

        • Dano2

          Aside from the fact that you haven’t linked to a science site or a scientist….erm…well, you haven’t linked to science site or a scientist, so I LOLzed.



          • Texian36

            Au contraire, my friend. The piece links to many scientists and scientific URLs, if you’d cared to look. Also, the author, David Siegel, is a Democrat who formerly assumed that catastrophic AGW was valid. However, after reading up on the science, he changed his mind.



              • Pam Dunn

                You sound like the typical brainwashed moronic liberal Turd with its head well up between its butt cheeks and nothing left between the ears except a donkey turd.

                • Dano2

                  You haven’t the tiniest scrap of evidence to back that, nor the first clue on how to go about proving your laughable claim.



              • Brin Jenkins

                Dano elsewhere on this site this short list of a few is available to those who enquire.

                Background on Key Scientists Appearing in Climate Hustle

                Dr. Robert Giegengack

                Geologist Dr. Robert Giegengack, chaired the Department
                of Earth and Environmental Science at the University of
                Pennsylvania for 12 years. Has done field research on six
                continents, conducted peer-review studies on the
                geological archives of climate and spent much of his
                academic career doing field work on the history of climate.
                Authored 200 peer-reviewed papers. Giegengack: ”CO2 is
                not the villain that it has been portrayed.”

                Dr. Judith Curry

                Award-winning Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry, chaired the
                School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia
                Institute of Technology. Dr. Curry has conducted over 200
                peer-review studies and has testified on Capitol Hill at
                several climate hearings. Curry is a Fellow of the American
                Association for the Advancement of Science, the American
                Geophysical Union, and the American Meteorological
                Society. “If the IPCC is dogma, then count me in as a
                heretic …I was sort of booted out of the (global warming)

                Dr. Richard Tol

                UN IPCC Lead Author Dr. Richard Tol is a Professor at the
                University of Sussex. Tol, a climate statistician is ranked
                among the top 50 most-cited climate scholars. He has well
                over 200 publications in learned journals. “But this 97%
                (consensus claim) is essentially pulled from thin air. It is not
                based on any credible research whatsoever.”

                Dr. Caleb Rossiter

                Climate Statistics Professor Dr. Caleb Rossiter of American
                University is an adjunct professor in the university’s
                Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Dr. Rossiter, a
                scientist, is also a member of the Democratic Party and
                prides himself as being politically Left. Dr. Rossiter
                reversed his climate views and became skeptical. “This is
                the first time I expressed an opinion that was alien to the

                Dr. Ivar Giaever

                Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever, won his
                Nobel Prize for physics in 1973. Dr. Giaever is a former
                professor at the School of Engineering and School of
                Science Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Giaever
                endorsed President Obama in 2008, but now says the
                President is “ridiculous” and “dead wrong” on man-made
                global warming. “I don’t see that CO2 is the cause of all
                this problem.”

                Dr. Roy Spencer

                Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer, a former NASA scientist,
                now leads a climate research group at the University of
                Alabama in Huntsville. Dr. Spencer still serves as the U.S.
                Science Team Leader for the AMSR-E instrument on
                NASA’s Aqua satellite. He is a recipient of NASA’s Medal
                for Exceptional Scientific Achievement and has testified in
                Congress on several occasions. Spencer has conducted
                numerous peer-review climate change studies.

                Dr. Daniel B. Botkin

                Biologist & Climate Researcher Dr. Daniel B. Botkin,
                Professor Emeritus in the Department of Ecology,
                Evolution, and Marine Biology at University of California
                Santa Barbara. He is well-known for his scientific
                contributions in ecology and environment, having spent
                more than 45 years of research on possible effects of
                climate change on biodiversity. Dr. Botkin was one of the
                first ecologists to investigate possible ecological effects of
                climate change. “The evidence has switched from the
                mid-1980s to now. It’s a much weaker case that there’s
                human induced significant global warming.”

                Dr. Patrick Moore

                Greenpeace co-founder and Ecologist Dr. Patrick Moore
                has been a working scientist for decades. Dr. Moore left
                the Green movement in 1986 because it became too
                radical for him. Moore is the author of the book,
                Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout: The Making of a
                Sensible Environmentalist. “There is no scientific proof that
                human emissions of carbon dioxide are the dominant
                cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere
                over the past 100 years.”

                Dr. Don J. EasterbrookGeologist Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Emeritus Professor at
                Western Washington University, a UN IPCC expert
                reviewer, has authored ten books and 150 journal
                publications. Presented 31 research papers at international
                meetings in 13 countries outside the US.

                Dr. Robert M. Carter

                Geologist Dr. Robert M. Carter is a marine geologist and
                environmental scientist and emeritus professor from James
                Cook University. Carter, who has authored over 100
                scientific papers, has served as Chair of the Earth Sciences
                Discipline Panel of the Australian Research Council. “We’re
                not dealing with a scientific issue, we haven’t been dealing
                with a scientific issue now for 15 years. We’re dealing with
                the determined political issue. It’s a campaign cause.”

                Dr. John Theon

                Former Award-Winning Senior NASA Atmospheric
                Scientist Dr. John Theon – Former Chief of the Climate
                Processes Research Program at NASA Headquarters and
                former Chief of the Atmospheric Dynamics & Radiation
                Branch. Theon was elected a fellow of the American
                Meteorological Society, given the NASA Exceptional
                Performance Award twice and awarded the AIAA’s Losey
                Medal for contributions to airborne remote sensing. Theon
                has authored or coauthored more than 50 NASA Reports,
                journal articles, monographs, chapters in books, and
                edited two books in the scientific literature. “There was an
                epiphany for me in the early 1990s, I became skeptical

                Dr. Dennis Rancourt

                Physicist Dr. Denis Rancourt, Former Professor of Physics at
                University of Ottawa – Authored over 100 articles in
                scientific journals. Rancourt was a member of the
                Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Physics and member of the
                Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre.. “If you are really
                concerned about saving boreal forests and habitat
                destruction, then fight against habitat destruction, don’t
                go off into this tenuous thing about CO2 concentration in
                the atmosphere.”

                Dr. William M. Briggs

                Climate Statistician Dr. William M. Briggs is an adjunct
                professor at Cornell University. Has authored or
                co-authored nearly 70 scientific papers. He served on the
                American Meteorological Society’s Probability and
                Statistics Committee. Is author of numerous papers on
                statistics, meteorology, climatology and solar physics.

                Dr. Roger Pielke Sr.

                Climatologist Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. is a former UN IPCC
                Contributing Author and Professor Emeritus at Colorado
                State University. Has authored over 370 papers in
                peer-reviewed journals. Pielke Sr. is a former research
                scientist at NOAA and past Chairman and Member of the
                American Meteorological Society Committee on Weather
                Forecasting and Analysis.

                Col. Walter Cunningham

                NASA Astronaut Col. Walter Cunningham of Apollo VII.
                Cunningham was awarded the NASA Exceptional Service
                Medal and the NASA Distinguished Service Medal.
                Cunningham is a member of the American Geophysical

                Dr. Patrick J. Michaels

                Climatologist Dr. Patrick J. Michaels is a UN IPCC Expert
                Reviewer and author of numerous peer-reviewed climate
                studies in major scientific journals. Michaels is the past
                president of the American Association of State
                Climatologists and was program chair for the Committee
                on Applied Climatology of the American Meteorological
                Society. He has authored six books on climate change, and
                is presently with the CATO Institute.

                Lord Christopher

                Lord Christopher Monckton is a former advisor to
                Margaret Thatcher and UN IPCC expert reviewer. In the
                1980s, Monckton advised Thatcher to investigate carbon
                dioxide as it related to global warming. Lord Monckton
                has testified many times before the U.S. Congress on
                climate science and economics, and presented papers on
                climate change to various scientific conferences.

                Anthony Watts

                Meteorologist Anthony Watts is founder of
                WattsUpWithThat.com and SurfaceStations.com. Watts
                held the American Meteorological Society Seal of
                Approval and now specializes in weather measurement
                and weather presentation technology.

                Leighton Steward

                Geologist Leighton Steward is a winner of the EPA
                Administrator’s Award. Steward authored the book Fire,
                Ice and Paradise about the many causes of climate
                change. Steward was Chairman of the Board of The
                Institute for the Study of Earth and Man at Southern
                Methodist University and was twice Chairman of the
                Audubon Nature Institute.

                Philip Stott

                UK Professor Emeritus of Biogeography Philip Stott of the
                University of London is a former editor of the Journal of
                Biogeography. Stott has conducted field research and
                written various academic papers on ecology. Stott:
                “Climate is the most complex coupled nonlinear chaotic
                system known to man. Of course there are human
                influences in it, nobody denies that. But what outcome will
                they get by fiddling with one variable [CO2] at the
                margins? I’m sorry, it’s scientific nonsense.”

                Dr. Will Happer

                Award-winning Princeton University Physicist Dr. Will
                Happer is the former Director of Energy Research at the
                Department of Energy from 1990 to 1993. He has
                published over 200 scientific papers and is a fellow of the
                American Physical Society, the American Association for
                the Advancement of Science, and the National Academy
                of Sciences. Happer: “We’re really in a CO2 famine now.
                Most of the time it’s at least 1000ppm, and it’s been quite
                higher than that. The Earth was just fine in those times.”

              • Duke Silver

                The troll cites the IPCC, an org discredited in all eyes other than true believers. Ah, trolls…..the terrorists of meaningful conversation.

                  • Pam Dunn

                    The “IPCC” which has MORE politicians than “scientists” and those on the IPCC have been caught adjusting, and selecting their data to enhance the NEXT big government grant they get. Not one is as honest as the guy holding up the local liquor store. They have been caught in LIE after LIE. ANd before you spew the asininity of the “97%”, that was 97% of 77 “scientists” who were ALL on the government payroll; Meanwhile over 10,000 scientists INCLUDING climate scientists have pointed out the pies and false claims.
                    If you are so gullible and believe the Global Warming BULLSHYTE, I know of some desert land in Arizona that according to the IPCC liars will soon be ocean front (in 500-1000 years)

                • Dano2

                  Thanks for using a gif from a disinformation site. We know disinformation sites are all the denialists have.



                  • Daniel F. Melton

                    Deny, deflect, and denigrate, never offer substantive evidence that might be refuted. Your zampolit has taught you well.

      • Brin Jenkins

        The scientific explanation is what you keep being asked for, your own understanding of the mechanism. This never has been revealed other than “The consensus says.” You behave like a lackey employed in the Common Purpose which is revealed in wealth redistribution. The effect is the destruction of the Western economy and culture.

        Do do really understand what you are doing Dano? If you do, you need to be deeply ashamed of your behavior.

          • Magoo

            LOL!! Actually I wrote the article, and both the prediction (AR4) & empirical evidence that falsifies it (AR5) are both from the IPCC reports, with the sources listed in the article so you can check for yourself. Don’t you agree with the IPCC?

            Don’t feel too bad though, nobody else has been able to dispute the article either, and it’s been doing the rounds for a long time now. 🙂


        But youall can’t because of the 2 basic macroscopic forces , electromagnetism and gravity , electromagnetism cannot “trap” energy and gravity must and explains planetary atmospheric temperature profiles to undeniable precision .

        The GHG paradigm fails a the level of the most basic classical physics which is why estimates of the “sensitivity” of the temperature to CO2 gets closer and closer to 0 the more accurately it’s measured .

        • Daniel F. Melton

          They ignore the Milankovitch Cycle theory as well.

          Past and future Milankovitch cycles. VSOP allows prediction of past and future orbital parameters with great accuracy.

          — ε is obliquity (axial tilt).

          — e is eccentricity.

          — ϖ is longitude of perihelion.

          — e sin(ϖ) is the precession index, which together with obliquity, controls the seasonal cycle of insolation.

          is the calculated daily-averaged insolation at the top of the atmosphere, on the day of the summer solstice at 65° N latitude.

          — Benthic forams and
          — Vostok ice core show two distinct proxies for past global sealevel and temperature, from ocean sediment and Antarctic ice respectively.

          The vertical gray line shows current conditions, at 2 ky A.D.

          • “Heat retained on earth by fairies with blankets!”

            Your comments certainly indicate that’s your level of understanding .

            You seem to think you will win factual arguments by willfully being the stupidest fool in the room .

            • Dano2

              I was ridiculing your ridiculous assertion about GHGs appropriately. Your comedy got the treatment it deserved.



              • You were just displaying yourself as a ridiculous willful know-nothing . You want to make me look ridiculous :


                • Dano2

                  These were already done in the 19th Century, I suggest you look them up. A Nobel was awarded in the early 1900s for just such a calculation.

                  Unless you are implying you have a blockbuster new EQUATION and EXPERIMENTAL DEMONSTRATION . and are ready to publish.

                  Let us know when you publish so I can proudly say I knew the new Galileo way back when he was just a commenter on The Interwebs.



                  • Actually , most were done in the 19th century culminating w Planck . But those show the impossibility of spectral phenomena explaining , in particular , the surface temperature of Venus being about 2.25 times the temperature of a gray ball in its orbit . See my http://cosy.com/Science/HeartlandBasicBasics.html and related material for the derivations and calculations .

                    See http://hockeyschtick.blogspot.com/2014/12/how-gravity-continuously-does-work-on.html and related pages for the classical computations showing that Gravity , not spectra , explains planetary atmospheric temperature profiles with undeniable accuracy . In the case of Venus , his calculations are within 10c of NASA’s estimated 737K surface temperature .

                    Game over .

                    • Dano2

                      Disinformation site! Drink!

                      Anyhoo, let us know when you publish your blockbuster NewScience and become the next Galileo so I can brag to my friends and family that I knew him when.



                    • They are published for anyone to analyze and confirm or repudiate experimentally and observationally . I presented the links .

                      And none of it is new .

                      On the other hand there is NO presentation that I have ever found of quantitative basic physical equations in SI units explaining how some spectral , electromagnetic , phenomenon “traps” energy . Nor an experimental demonstration of the phenomenon .

                      If you know of any , please give us the link .
                      But only quantitatively calculable equations ( in SI units to ensure calculability and testability ) count .

                      Otherwise I , and I believe almost all here will continue to believe you are FoS .

                    • Who gives an F about 20th century journals ? Most have so disgraced themselves kowtowing to this statist stupidity that they have lost the esteem they once held .

                      You get your crap pal reviewed by your gang – altho it is is clear you can neither produce nor evaluate any content yourself — and I will be quite happy to have mine posted for instant review by the 21st century blogs and organizations which are ripping new holes in this anti-life — on the molecular level — biggest imaginable lie every week .

                    • Dano2

                      Just let me know when they announce you as the next Galileo, thanks!

                      No need to try and convince lil’ ol’ me, spend energy convincing physicists with your blockbuster, thanks!



                    • DavidAppell

                      Armstrong, of course, has never published a scientific paper in his life. He claims to have a world-shaking result about global warming, but is afraid to submit it to a peer reviewed journal. By not failing, he gets to keep the facade.

                    • DavidAppell

                      Bob Armstrong:
                      “Who gives an F about 20th century journals?”

                      Just because you can’t get published in them — and are afraid to try — is no reason to insult them. They are a world above you.

                    • DavidAppell

                      Armstrong is cross that he can’t get his own junk published in a peer reviewed journal. I suspect he has all along been too diffident to even try.

                    • DavidAppell

                      Armstrong wrote:
                      “Who gives an F about 20th century journals ?”

                      The only people who dismiss them are those who can’t get published in them.

                      Sore feelings, huh?

                    • Allen Eltor

                      It’s no different than when the government started spamming ”study” after ”study” so they could continue to teach you down at the public school, pot is heroin and the sky is a magic heater.

                      Again – your incessant appeals to authority are what kept the world in the chains of darkness for 2,000 years.

                      ”God said so”
                      ”The pope says so”
                      ”The government says so”

                      You need to describe your church in relation to the principles of thermodynamic process in step such that people don’t ridicule your never ending prayer to ”Thuh GuBMuNT SeD….”

                      ”The GuBMuNT Sed” and ”THOSE guys sed” isn’t scientific discussion.

                      It’s what public schoolers do when you can’t participate in one.

                    • Allen Eltor

                      It’s your church that taught it to you in the public school system other people don’t need to explain it.

                    • DavidAppell

                      I haven’t gone to church since was 10. And we never learned about pot, or heroin, or whatever the hell else you can’t write about clearly.

                    • Allen Eltor

                      Of course you’re a pot is heroin/the sky is a magic heater churcher.

                      It’s why you can’t present any basic scientific evidence for what you claim – a freezing refrigerated bath warmed a warm rock immersed in it due to magic gases.

                    • Allen Eltor

                      You went to church every day for 12 years, learning about the cold refrigerated atmosphere blocking a fifth of the light to the planet,

                      being a magic heater.

                    • DavidAppell

                      I’ve looked into Bob Armstron’s “calculations” about a colored ball more than any other person on the planet. They are a joke — and not just because the planet isn’t a colored ball. Armstrong misunderstands Kirchoff’s law, writes down equations whose units don’t balance, and applies blackbody equations to objects he explictedly says are not blackbodies.

                      His “science” is a joke. He’s afraid to even address questions about it.

                    • DavidAppell

                      Most problems in physics do not have simple equations as solutions. (Nor does Armstarong present one.) In the case of climate, the absorption spectra of CO2, water vapor, CH4 etc are far too complicated to allow an analytical solution.

                      I keep challenging Armstrong to present the formula for the simple case of three bodies in mutual gravitational attraction. He can’t do it, but still pretends that everything can be reduced to a single equation.

                    • DavidAppell

                      Armstrong thinks Venus is a “gray ball in orbit.”

                      With hallucinations like that, who can take his seriously?

                    • DavidAppell

                      Armstrong wrote:
                      “But those show the impossibility of spectral phenomena explaining , in particular , the surface temperature of Venus being about 2.25 times the temperature of a gray ball in its orbit .”

                      Venus isn’t a gray ball.

                      So your model is wrong from the very beginning.

                    • Allen Eltor

                      Nevertheless the temperature of Venus is easily found using Ideal Gas Law and adjustment for density.

                      It’s been done by many people, since it’s so simple. We have the readings from the Venus probes,

                      With the fantasy of a magic heater on Venus being gone, that leaves you to argue about how nobody proved yet that pot isn’t like heroin.

                      Another doctrine from your church of always wrong,

                      unable to justify itself in the face of someone just checking the story.

                    • Allen Eltor

                      Of course it’s been done by multiple people, the most famous and recent being Steve Goddard and Lubos Motil.

                    • DavidAppell

                      Clowns both. And neither has explained anything the ideal gas law, except to low-information readers like you.

                    • Allen Eltor

                      Of course they have it’s all over the internet. There’s another guy too whose website on doing it is VERY clear.

                      That’s the reason all you can say is ”the laws of thermodynamics do NOT work there IS magical gas there IS.

                      There’s another guy too whose website has his step by step explanation of how easy it is to calculate there are SEVERAL SITES around the internet where people do it.

                      Here’s just one of the MANY people who have done it and will show you step by step how. It’s very simple.


                    • Allen Eltor

                      That’s why you’re out here in the boonies barking the world doesn’t

                      need proper hydrostatic mathematics, they can just assume the world is


                      use the wrong mathematics to describe a turbulent frigid self

                      refrigerating bath shading the planet it cools of 20% energy

                      off the top

                      before the other modes of C O O L I N G

                      even get started,

                      and simultaneously be magically a heater. Y’aW !

                      LoL ! What made you think you could define the planet’s FLUID FRIGID IMMERSION BATH as

                      ”Assume the earth is flat.”

                      BwaH HaH hah hah nobody told you there’s mathematics for calculation of FLUID BATHS? LoLoLoLoLoL !

                • DavidAppell

                  Even Armstrong can’t “show his equations” — he has to resort to a numerical calculation, or what he (wrongly) calls a “dot product.”

                • DavidAppell

                  Fact: Not all descriptions of physical systems can be expressed as an explicidt formula.

                  Simpliest example: the three-body problem.

                  Armstrong is afraid to admit this, even though his own (crappy) science isn’t expresses as an equation either.

                • DavidAppell

                  Show us your own equations — without the numerically calculated “dot product.” (It isn’t actually a dot product — that’s a specific operation in vector spaces. It’s just a numerical integral, like everyone does in high school.)

        • DavidAppell

          Armstrong can’t even express his own results in equation form. But he expects everyone else to. Lame.

        • DavidAppell

          “But youall can’t because of the 2 basic macroscopic forces , electromagnetism and gravity , electromagnetism cannot “trap” energy and gravity must and explains planetary atmospheric temperature profiles to undeniable precision .”

          What a lie.

          Gravity does not come anywhere near explaining the Earth’s TOA outgoing spectrum. Bob Armstrong is just too proud to admit it:


    • Sam Pyeatte

      Not one dime of public (tax) money to these thieves. If the far-left wants to pass a collection plate at the big Democrat parties, then fine, let them fund it. There are lots of Hollywood types that could be fleeced. If Obama wants to shut down the Government then that will be on his own hook. The people, by a wide margin, do not want to send public money to the UN cesspool for the climate scam that just goes to feed third world jackals with kick-backs to Democrat campaign coffers.

        • Daniel F. Melton

          Hang enough politicians and bureaucrats, the survivors will repeal the “global warming” regulations.

            • Daniel F. Melton

              If ya keep ’em alive, they’ll eventually be released to take up where they left off. Besides that, there’s the paying for the guards who may be bribed and the facilities. They’ve cost us too much already, and I don’t have the time or patience to fight the same battles again and again.

                • Daniel F. Melton

                  Tell me how many of those life in prison and death sentences of those convicted at Nuremberg actually paid the full price of their crimes? Today’s judiciary is as infiltrated and corrupted by liberalism as the legislature and bureaucracy The public’s memory is short, and attention easily distracted. The dead cannot be released to commit more crimes.

                  • Brin Jenkins

                    Daniel sorry to differ over Nuremberg, but Hess did nothing wrong, and was never convicted. He died in Spandau prison after most of his life in jail. He had flown to Scotland trying to sue for peace under a white flag, we threw him in jail dishonoring ourselves. It was War and hard things happened.

                    The young female Guard Irma Greece, hung by Albert Pierpoint was convicted after a camp witness lied about human skin lampshades. Years later the witness admitted she had not been truthful.

                    Irma might have been a dreadful person, but incorrectly executed.

                    A war had been won, and justice was summary.

                    I agree with execution but understand it may be unjust on occasion.

                    • Daniel F. Melton

                      You give two examples of “unjust” sentencing, yet ignore those who were justifiably sentenced and their sentences commuted.

                      From the Einsatzgruppen trial: sentences commuted
                      Heinz Jost
                      Erwin Schulz
                      Franz Six
                      Walter Blume
                      Willi Seibert
                      Eugen Steimle
                      Ernst Biberstein
                      Walter Haensch
                      Gustav Adolf Nosske
                      Adolf Ott
                      Waldemar Klingelhöfer
                      Lothar Fendler
                      Heinz Schubert

                      ***Of the 14 death sentences, only four were carried out; the others were commuted to prison terms of varying lengths in 1951. In 1958, all convicts were released from prison.

                      So even a death sentence commuted to “life in prison” for the most egregious “crimes against humanity” was eventually commuted. Their victims had no such recourse…

                      ***The Nuremberg Military Tribunal in its judgement stated the following:
                      [The facts] are so beyond the experience of normal man and the range of man-made phenomena that only the most complete judicial inquiry, and the most exhaustive trial, could verify and confirm them. Although the principal accusation is murder, […] the charge of purposeful homicide in this case reaches such fantastic proportions and surpasses such credible limits that believability must be bolstered with assurance a hundred times repeated.

                      …a crime of such unprecedented brutality and of such inconceivable savagery that the mind rebels against its own thought image and the imagination staggers in the contemplation of a human degradation beyond the power of language to adequately portray.

                      The number of deaths resulting from the activities with which these defendants have been connected and which the prosecution has set at one million is but an abstract number. One cannot grasp the full cumulative terror of murder one million times repeated.

                      It is only when this grotesque total is broken down into units capable of mental assimilation that one can understand the monstrousness of the things we are in this trial contemplating. One must visualize not one million people but only ten persons — men, women, and children, perhaps all of one family — falling before the executioner’s guns. If one million is divided by ten, this scene must happen one hundred thousand times, and as one visualizes the repetitious horror, one begins to understand the meaning of the prosecution’s words, ‘It is with sorrow
                      and with hope that we here disclose the deliberate slaughter of more than a million innocent and defenseless men, women, and children.'[1]

                    • Brin Jenkins

                      Hess was never released and died in prison. Stalin killed more than 100 million but never gets a mention, strange that Hitler carries the title of the most evil of all men.

                    • Daniel F. Melton

                      Well, you have to understand that hitler was a nazi (national socialist) and stalin and his predecessors (mass murderers all) bore the protected and exalted status of communist. Don’t forget that “chairman mao” is also responsible for another hundred million or so murders, at least 45 million in the four years of his “great leap forward”.

                    • Daniel F. Melton

                      Not even close. There were twelve separate trials, the Einsatzgruppen trial was the ninth.

                      The first had 12 defendants sentenced to death by hanging, two were not hanged: Martin Bormann was convicted in absentia (he had been, unknown to the
                      Allies, killed while trying to escape from Berlin in May 1945), and Hermann Göring committed suicide the night before the execution. The remaining 10 defendants sentenced to death were hanged.
                      ***The 12 U.S. trials before the NMT took place from December 6, 1946, to April 13, 1949. In all, 142 of the 185 defendants were found guilty.
                      Twenty-four persons received death sentences, of which 11 were converted to life imprisonment, 20 were sentenced to life imprisonment, 98 were given prison sentences of varying lengths, and 35 were acquitted. Four defendants had to be removed from trial due to illness, and four more
                      committed suicide during the trials.

                      From the Einsatzgruppen trial: sentences commuted
                      ***Of the 14 death sentences, only four were carried out; the others were commuted to prison terms of varying lengths in 1951. .***

                      In 1958, all convicts were released from prison

                    • Leonard Schopenhouer

                      Clearly then the correct historical action is to sentence all Paris attendees to death. Isn’t that what ISIS as trying to accomplish? If UN IPCC is not the modern day manifestation of the einsatzgruppe, I’m not sure what could be.

                    • Daniel F. Melton

                      In the perspective of world history, those attending the conference are somewhat like the originators of the larger socialist movements or the 20th century, taken to a global scale. All their magnificent proclamations boil down to wealth and power, firmly in their hands, forever. Welcome to Orwell’s 1984.

                      “They told us capitalism was wrong because lots of power could be held by a relatively small group,” Purple-Stripe explained. “But it’s clear they want to replace it with a system where another even smaller group has absolute power, with the brute force of the state to enforce it….. That’s why it’s important for them to disarm us. And that’s why we have these guns. The founding fathers warned us.”….“Strange, isn’t it, I had to leave college to get an education?”

                      “Someone once defined a social problem as a situation in which the real world differs from the theories of intellectuals. To the intelligentsia, it follows, as the night follows the day, that it is the real world that is wrong and which needs to change.”

                    • Daniel F. Melton

                      Capitalism is a self sustaining organism. Those parts that are successful thrive, those that aren’t either die off or shift into more viable venues.

                    • Arationofreason

                      Enticing as the idea of prosecuting to any extent the climate hustlers, climate is a random chaotic system and it may be just as difficult to prove them guilty (in a court of law) as it has been to prove (scientifically) what the effect of CO2 actually is.
                      Sorry, just sayin’.

                    • Daniel F. Melton

                      Those directly involved in the manipulation of data can be identified and prosecuted. They may be “encouraged” to turn on those who directed and encouraged the fraud.
                      I hardly think that a code of omerta exists in the halls of academia.

                    • Daniel F. Melton

                      They might get the postmortem sanitizing of their atrocities like che guevara, but I can laugh at a few clueless idiots in “t”shirts.

            • Brin Jenkins

              May seem a bit over the top but, just consider what it will do to our Western culture and civilisation?

              There are well meaning useful idiots and fellow travellers, however a small number mean to be in the Alpha group, the rest will sink or swim. UN agenda 21.

            • Sam Pyeatte

              Hang….I don’t know, but the sight of the noose does tend to focus the mind. Nothing else has worked on these thieves.

      • Leonard Schopenhouer

        Couldn’t in fact Charlie Sheen diverted some of the funding he used to find HIV within the porn star and hooker community to this noble cause? Do you think Sheen an Clinton (I mean Hilliary ) used the same ones?

      • Daniel F. Melton

        We’ve got obamacare, obamagration (open borders), and “o”ducation (common core), why not name it obamadebt?

      • Arationofreason

        You need not worry. Those holding the debt paper in league with those holding the guns will not let you forget.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      “o”boy set out to bring down the capitalist economic system and bring an end the dominance of the United States in global affairs.
      Take a look at the economic strangulation by regulations that have increased exponentially under his (p)residency, the blatantly ignored immigration laws, The imposition by fiat of incomprehensible and historically revisionist “common core” educational programs, the “affordable”care act that is now even bankrupting insurance companies, and now the attempted importation of unvetted muslim “refugees” that will be an economic burden for decades on the states and cities where they will be forcibly settled.

  1. demac

    So the reality is that there isn’t a link between man made CO2 and catastrophic temperature increases or extreme weather; (no warming over the last 18.8 years with man emitting a third of all CO2 emissions during that time,) extreme weather is not getting worst or more frequent; and climate related deaths are a fraction of what they use to be.

    The whole climate scare is, and has been, about socialism and the redistribution of wealth from the rich to poor. that is why the UN wants an annual $100 billion climate fund to be establish and paid for by the rich countries so that the UN can tell the world how to live.

  2. ScienceABC123

    Yup, cut veteran pay to the tune of $5B a year so that we can fund an overgrown piggy bank for academics to the tune of $5B a year. This government doesn’t live up to it’s ‘commitments’, but will lavishly ‘give’ monies to others.

    • Austinniceguy

      I believe Al made the bulk of his wealth by being the sole creator of the world wide web. I think that’s what he said.

        • Austinniceguy

          That was a SWEET deal for that dirty douche nozzle. Olbluegums paid it out, Al collected and, Solyndra vaporized less than a year later and absolutely NO ONE asked a single question about it that mattered.

        • chukalukabus

          Actually Solyndra was only 500 million down the drain (of which the suits ponied up about a 100 million in bonuses to themselves and then declared bankruptcy).

          At 500 mil, it was one of the cheaper fiascos. The real money went mostly to GE, GM, and the wall street bankers who funded a good chunk of BHO’s campaign.

          Only one of the crony companies that BHO personally selected for that slush fund is still in business. The rest went bankrupt.

      • prm2012

        Yes he invented the internet, when running for President.
        He is just like Obama the Blowhard the both of them are Liars.

  3. Dano2

    That’s weird – the text does not show us where BHO asserted he may shut down the gubmint in a little huff if he doesn’t get what he wants.



    • Walther11

      “Paul Bodnar is the National Security Council’s “senior energy and climate change director.” He told the press during a telephone briefing that transferring an inititial payment of $3 billlion to the UN fund is a “priority” for President Obama. He would not rule out a veto of the entire U.S. Budget if the President does not get it. ”

      above is the pertinent text

  4. Denis Ables

    I’m trying not to be paranoid, but isn’t this about the same thing ISIS would do, if their rep was our president?

  5. jumara

    if he feels that’s the way to act let him shut it down and then we remove his ass and get on with real America.he has been given everything and never had to work at anything except civil disobedience.

  6. Brin Jenkins

    Shut down Government? I don’t like this game, both the ball and bat are mine so I go home!

    Just like a spoilt kid in the play yard.

    • Dano2

      Clearly there is still a market among the Faux “News” faithful for claiming that:

      o Thousands of scientists;

      o across a century and a half;

      o in a wide range of specialties;

      o in dozens of countries;

      o on six continents;

      o speaking scores of languages;

      o having over ten thousand peer-reviewed papers;

      o are involved in a complex plot to ‘fake’ AGW…

      o but have been exposed by a few intrepid bloggers and fossil fuel billionaires.

      Has there ever been – ever – a less likely conspiracy theory ever than this one? In the history of the world?



      • Duke Silver

        Yes, troll – the conspiracy theory that the temps, storms, etc are spiraling out of control in straight-line extrapolation – Is way less likely.

        The only thing spiraling out of control in a straight line approximation is our national debt.

        Bu-bye troll.

      • Canuck

        Yes I’ve heard that nonsense before.

        Do a google search and actually learn about the vitriol and backstabbing and intense pressure on scientists to “fall in line” with the company message. Google Richard Linzen or Ian Clark or John Christie or Judith Curry or Richard Tol.

        Climate science is not well understood, is a new and complex discipline with many sub fields and thousands of variables. The conclusions are based on models and driven by politics. There is also nowhere near the “consensus” being described by activists and zealots. Peddling the notion that the “Science is settled” was, and still is, a lie.

          • Canuck

            No you are the one who has been duped.

            You’re the one buying into a narrative being pushed by activists.
            People who demand evidence and are skeptical about propositions and assertions made by others are clearly not being “duped”

            Tell me again about the “97% consensus”

            Are we at another “tipping point”? I think I missed the last one.

  7. HL Mencken

    We will need to make clear to the American people that it is Obama who has shut down the government, not the Congress which will have done its Constitutional duty
    in passing a budget. Actually referring to the outcome from the lack of a presidential signature on a budgetary bill would not constitute a shutdown in the true sense of the word. Fully 87% of the government will continue to function. As the so-called essential
    employees will show up for work the next day and until a budget bill is signed. All funding like Social Security and Medicare, will continue uninterrupted. So the term (a media creation for low-information voters) is a blatant misnomer to go along with a number of their other favorite oxymorons that readers often see and hear used by the MSM.

    HL Mencken

  8. Pam Dunn

    The FAT GUY in WHITE sitting in front of that PINK PIG (Reminds one of the UN and OUR government) sure DOES NOT LOOK like he’s “STARVING”, nor do ANY of the others.

  9. airfiero

    If President Obama can call for stricter gun control after every shooting, why can’t we call BS on global warming after every snowfall?

  10. loran

    I fully expect Obama to try and go it alone with some kind of cockamamie excuse that gives him the right to do so. How many times did he dare Congress to act or suit him and how many times did Boehner and McConnell appease him? My friends, we must take back our government.

  11. Out_Fang_Thief

    We have the biggest, ongoing, world-wide con job, ever, in which we’re supposed to believe that anyone out there has a freaking clue about an ever-changing system as complex as our climate? Who could possibly believe in such profound flim-flammery?

    The king and the tide.

  12. Dex Wilson

    Will do anything to transform America into a third world country. He is no Christian. He has no fruits. He is a collectivist who is following his Father’s hatred of any country that supports what is called imperialism. Why do you think he sent a bust of the Prime Minister of England Winston Churchill back to England? He loves Muslims and that is why he has allowed only 53 Christians into America and over 2000 Muslims in. this Muslim lover who is a closet lover of same sex individuals is willing to go against the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our Founder and therefore willing to destroy America. because of his hatred. He is following the methods of Sal Alinsky to do so.

  13. Austinniceguy

    This blathering IDIOT running around spreading his ridiculous rhetoric and lies and wanting us to pay for it. There is no money for it so he will take it from veterans support or some other crucial fund. I can’t wait for this POS to be out. Just remember this, if Hitlery get’s in we will be looking upon these days as THE GOOD OLD DAYS!!! Her programs and initiatives go FAR deeper than these. She spent her 4 years as Sec of state selling us out to foreign governments in ways that’ll make this look like we pawned a cheap watch. Furthermore, she isn’t going to stop at the 10,000 savage ragheads that Olbluegums wants to bring in, she wants between 100,000 and 200,000!!! Then she ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT have them on any registry!! She wants them to be free to live OR DIE any way they choose, including taking as many of us with them. Canada is stupidly only allowing “families” from that region into the country, I guess they are blindly unaware that those savages just used a 10 year old to blow herself up and take out a bunch of people along with her? Hitlery also wants to completely disarm us but, if she can’t do that, she said she’ll have a “vigorous and thorough vetting process” before giving licenses for CITIZENS to buy guns. She will then have those buyers complete information placed on a national registry ALONG WITH A DNA SAMPLE!!! Unlike Olbluegums who lied his way into the WH, keg-legs is at least telling us how she will destroy our way of life before we vote. I hope everyone is taking notes!!!

  14. PLW

    Climate Change is a Scam for Obama to use as a distraction, to grow bigger Government Control, and get more money from the American Tax Payers..

    Countries going to Paris have distorted their climate figures, thus they are just inputting what is to their benefit (all lies),

    Obama’s own NASA said there is no Climate Change to worry about because it is a natural occurrence !

    Obama & the U.N. will use this excuse to justify more control over the World Masses, so they can tell the people of the World what is good and or bad for them, and America will pay the most so Obama can continue to dismantle the United States economy !

    WAKE UP AMERICA !! You have heard nothing but LIES for the past 7 Years.. Obama is just advancing his own agenda (as usual) !

    May God Bless and Protect the United States of America from these corrupt people !!

  15. Pendy1

    “Obama may shut down government over UN “Green Climate Fund”
    He probably will, but he and the lapdog media will blame (successfully) Republicans.

  16. Terry Rushing

    Anything from the UN is contrary to the interests of the US. We do not need to be joining the UN on any of it’s anti American scams; especially this so called “settled science” of “climate change”. It is nothing but a way to con us out of our wealth. The best idea I can envision is to withdraw from this useless organization and let them stumble along without our cash.

  17. Daniel F. Melton

    The “climate agenda” is not about global warming or saving the planet, it’s all about control of the energy sector and the means of production, global socialism.

    The adherents of socialism believe that when mankind is allowed choice the people always decide wrongly. This is disproved by the unbroken record of failure every time socialists have been in power.

      • Duke Silver

        You’re mistaking projections for findings. We’re talking about actual measured (and unedited) raw data. These ARE your scientists, aren’t they?

        Or, are you playing the “my non-scientist is better than your non-scientist” card. Surely DiCaprio and Streisand will come to your rescue.

        Back under the stairs, troll.

          • Duke Silver

            I wasn’t suggesting the displayed data were raw. Of course they’ve been adjusted.
            My point is that the raw data which were adjusted (by your scientists) have not been altered as have the terrestrial data set in order to meet projections.
            I think you have some data to “massage” troll. Best get to it.

              • Duke Silver

                ….and that’s why the information has been subpoenaed.
                …….and why NOAA will not submit their emails. Even though anything that goes on a gov’t paid computer is public domain.
                that’s a real credible org you like to cite.

                • Dano2

                  Hoot! I LOLzed!

                  They don’t need to submit their e-mails because the law protects them from harrassing politicians.

                  You have zip to support your beliefs. Zilch. Nothing. Nada. Null set.



                  • Duke Silver

                    Turn 15 this year?
                    Evasion of public inquiry should and will end in withdrawal of public funding.
                    Do you think a private employee is allowed to hide anything that was typed on a company computer? Haven’t had a job, have you?
                    Laws are to protect the public from fraud….. not to protect public employees from intrusion into their method.

                    • Dano2

                      So, the good thing will be that their refusal to turn over protected communications will mean Lamar Smith won’t be able to make his own Climategate. Mission not Accomplished.

                      Awh! Bew-hoo!



                    • Duke Silver

                      Still stings doesn’t it? Climategate1 that is. Hmmm. whistleblowers are lining up.

                      Climategate2 – ah, pass the popcorn. Lets see where the cockroaches run.

                      Calm down – won’t affect your welfare check.

                    • Dano2

                      There are no whistleblowers. Smith made that up.

                      He won’t be able to intimidate scientists to shut down COP21 like Copenhagen – much to your dismay, clearly. Tough rocks.



                    • Duke Silver

                      Unlike you, I don’t want to shut down the conversation. That’s territory best occupied by fascists. The conversation needs to take place because the science is anything but settled.

                      I want to shut down disreputable scientists and the politicians who feed them.

                      ….and trolls.

                      Over and outsies

  18. Anyone up for a challenge? Nov 29, 2015 Take the $100,000 Global Warming Believer Challenge!

    Do you believe in the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming hypothesis? Want to help the IPCC with an embarrassing little statistical problem in their latest report? Want to win $100,000? Today James introduces you to Douglas J. Keenan’s $100,000 contest to identify trend-driven time series. Details are in the show notes. Good luck!



    As if we did not need further evidence that this country is ruled by a foreign national who is non-American, un-American and anti-American. It is clear that this Marxist muslim mongrel intends to transfer the wealth of the United States to world organizations and foreign governments, replace the existing population with a third-world lumpenproletariat that will allow an authoritarian one-party system to be established as in his native Kenya or the Indonesia of which he is a citizen and place a bankrupt and crippled America under the rule of a world government controlled by Soros, Gates and Prince Abdulwaleed. There is only one thing to be done with such a regime, and that is what was done with Petain, Quisling and the Last Emperor.

  20. markkozikowski

    President Obama may be prepared to shut down the entire U.S. government
    unless the Congress appropriates funds for the UN’s “Green Climate
    Cannot happen. In fact, he can, if he so chooses, shut down only about 17% of the U.S. government. That would be the non-necessary parts. But the rest MUST stay open by LAW.

  21. Arationofreason

    Good, shut it down and see how long the American people will tolerate it. The government does not have the stomach for the huge backlash once the populace begins to feel it. What is probably more important, the big money which controls government will definitely not tolerate the effect that it would have on their bottom lines.

  22. Larry Bates

    BREAKING NEWS: Congress did not authorize the payment of money to this
    fraudulent UN fund, in spite of BHO’s threat. In spite of this, the US
    State Department has transferred $500 Million to this fund. BHO is not a
    President. He is a Dictator.

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