Despite recent terrorist attacks, Paris is expecting the convergence of 40,000 delegates, journalists, and non-governmental organizations at the next United Nations’ climate change conference to be held November 30-December 11, 2015.
This is the BIG ONE under the United Framework Convention of Climate Change UNFCCC Conference of the Parties COP 21.  The global warming alarmists expect this conference to produce a legally binding document making industrialized countries eliminate fossil fuels from their energy and pay reparations to developing countries for damages caused by climate change.
They want to create a carbon neutral society.  Of course, this is not possible since every human produces CO2 with every breath.  CO2 is the breath of life.
The apocalyptic forecast is humans produce too much CO2 in the atmosphere from over consumptive lifestyles which is in turn produces global warming.  And, according to the alarmists, Earth must not be allowed to warm more than 2 degrees Celsius or all living things will die.
COP 16 held in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009 was supposed to be the conference putting all of this into play, especially since Barack Hussein Obama had just been elected, but the conference was a bust.  It was a draw between the U.S. and China.  So the UNFCCC had to begin a new propaganda program to convince the world of the looming global warming crisis finally culminating in COP 21. 
There have been two persistent problems.  First, the world has been experiencing worldwide recession and people are much more concerned with paying bills than global warming.  Second, the planet is no longer getting warmer.  According to satellite readings (one of the most accurate ways to determine global temperatures), Earth has had no significant warming since 1998.
Climate change alarmism never stops and has increased over the last six months as COP21 draws near.  Endless newspaper articles tell us this is the hottest year or month on record.  Every weather extreme, even those days with the coldest recorded temperatures, are blamed on global warming. 
Bill Gates and Pope Francis tell us capitalism is the reason for climate change.  There is even a new mental disorder brought about by the crisis called “climate advocacy trauma.”
If all of this isn’t enough to insult our intelligence, President Obama tells us climate change “constitutes a serious threat to global security” and “it will impact how the military defends our country.”  Never mind the threat of ISIS.  Secretary of State, John Kerry says climate change carries the same global threat as the “proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”  It’s really unsettling to think these men are the leaders of the most powerful country in the world.
Dr. Richard Lindzen, a world renowned meteorologist who received his PhD. from Harvard; was reviewer and contributing author for the first and second Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC Scientific Assessments and lead author on the third assessment, but does not believe in anthropogenic (human-induced) global warming, says that most scientists whether skeptic or believer agree that global warming will not create a catastrophic event.  He says the “catastrophic narrative” is due totally to the politicians and the environmentalists.
He cited Mike Hulme, Director of Tyndall Center at the University of East Anglia and a strong global warming advocate saying, “To state that climate change will be ‘catastrophic’ hides a cascade of value-laden assumptions which do not emerge from empirical or theoretical science.”
Advocate, Gavin Schmidt, Jim Hansen’s successor as head of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies says about extreme weather, “General statements about extremes are almost nowhere to be found in the literature but….abound in the popular media….if anyone thinks about that for 10 seconds they realize that’s nonsense.”
The argument for climate change is also lost in the fact that CO2 emissions are on the rise while at the same time global temperatures remain stable proving there is no cause and effect.  The increase of CO2 does not cause global warming.
The UNFCCC has created a financial atonement for attendees feeling guilty about leaving a large carbon footprint traveling to Paris.   They simply need to log into
a website called Climate Neutral and make a purchase of carbon credits.
Once logged in, travel can be calculated.  Traveling coach creates less CO2 emissions than traveling business class.  Flying coach from DFW to Paris creates 1065.75 Kg of CO2 and flying Business creates 2131.51 Kg of CO2.  Once the CO2 emissions are known, a project can be selected like a wind or solar project which is supposedly being built in a third world country.  These projects cost anywhere from $1.00-$4.00 a Tonne.  Selecting 900 Tonnes at $1.95 for a wind project costs  $1755.00 plus a 19% tax of $333.45 with a grand total of $2088.45.
There are disclaimers attached to this website stating the UNFCCC is not responsible is a project is not completed.  If a delegate purchases a carbon credit, they will be given a free booklet at the conference on other projects.
As I travel to Paris, my conscience will be completely clear and of course, Obama will feel no guilt as he flies Air Force One to COP21.
If  COP 21 is successful, it will give Obama the final tools to transform America into a third world economy.