RICOgate emails reveal new climate scandal

We’ve briefed you before on the outrageous efforts by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, state attorneys general and climate campaigners to use the RICO statute to investigate and intimidate people who correct the errors in what we are told about global warming.

Did you know that some of the ringleaders conspired to evade investigation and were being paid out of public funds at universities?

Our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute made a FOIA request to find out what they were up to.

The climate hustlers squirmed, wiggled and tried to evade, but thankfully a court ordered them to disclose their shifty emails.

You can get full details and read the emails for yourself at CFACT’s Climate Depot.

Not surprisingly, they target Climate Depot specifically.

They have no regard for the constitutional protections that guarantee the rights of every American to speak out as they see fit.

No wonder.

Publishing their public records reveals not only how unscientific, but also political and spiteful these climate hustlers truly are!

Again, take a look for yourself!



About the Author: Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is president and co-founder of CFACT.

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    • Brin Jenkins

      What bull shit Dano, Lefties are well known for never giving an inch but demanding freedom, only until they achieve what is required by themselves. Let prosecute all deniers eh. Easier than a proper explanation.

      • Dano2

        Let prosecute all deniers eh.

        That has to be the dumbest talking point ever to come out of a PR firm.

        Nobody is dumb enough to believe that, why did they bother to release it?



        • Brin Jenkins

          What PR firm, Ministers in the EU, several UK politicians do try and keep up with what happens outside of your cosy bubble.

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