Climate Hustle Encore!

Did you miss your chance to see Climate Hustle on the big screen on May 2nd?

Would your organization, club, church, or company still like to have a day or night at the theater with the film one reviewer said “could be the most important movie of the year?”

Well here’s your chance!

Climate Hustle, which was the #6 movie in America on Monday May 2nd (despite being shown on just 400 screens) is now being scheduled for special encore event showings in select U.S. cities.

If your group or organization would like to schedule a theater in your town, please contact CFACT’s Adam Houser at [email protected] or (202) 429-2737 right away, and we can work with you on the details. If you can suggest a theater, please do and we will put them on the top of our list.

If a theater in your area is not available, we can also work with you to try to license a showing at a local community center, church or another non-traditional venue.

Hollywood In Toto called Climate Hustle the “most dangerous documentary of the year” adding “it’s hard not to laugh,” while National Review said the film is a “hilarious exposé of global-warming alarmism.”

Climate Hustle was so impactful that ABC and Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t resist the chance to attack the film in a seven-minute rant on his late-night comedy show.

Don’t miss your chance to schedule Climate Hustle on the big screen for your organization!

And for all our friends overseas: Work is now underway for international showings in Canada, Australia, the U.K., and many other places. So stay tuned for details!


About the Author: Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is the executive director and co-founder of CFACT.

  • We need a DVD and Netflix release.

  • Scott

    Yes. 200 mile round trip to the nearest participating theater doesn’t cut it. I need it on DVD.

  • LINER011

    Get real. Even a secret rave party is easier to find than this movie.

  • Why not a DVD? They could clean up!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.