Dem party platform calls for prosecuting global warming skeptics

Democratic operatives responsible for creating their party’s platform this year have unanimously adopted a provision calling for the Department of Justice to investigate companies who disagree with Democrats on global warming science.

A panel of Democrats voted Friday to approve a final draft of the party’s platform to promote “Progressive Democratic Values,” which apparently includes investigating energy companies who “misled” shareholders about global warming.

“Another joint proposal calling on the Department of Justice to investigate alleged corporate fraud on the part of fossil fuel companies who have reportedly misled shareholders and the public on the scientific reality of climate change was also adopted by unanimous consent,” according to the Democratic National Convention’s website.
The drafting committee, led by DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, has decided to back ongoing investigations by mostly Democratic state attorneys general into ExxonMobil’s stance on global warming.

Currently, AGs from California, Massachusetts, New York and the U.S. Virgin Islands have launched investigations of Exxon, and at least two AGs have demanded records on conservative think tanks and scientists skeptical of global warming. Such targeting has only fueled calls that these investigations are an attack on free speech.New York AG Eric Schneiderman was the first to launch an investigation into Exxon, based on reporting from eco-left wing reporters at InsideClimate News and Columbia University. Schneiderman hosted a conference in March with other AGs to announce more investigations into Exxon.

Republican lawmakers and AGs have pushed back, calling the investigations into Exxon and think tanks an assault on free speech.

Some Republican AGs recently warned their liberal counterparts that if skeptics can be investigated for misrepresenting global warming, alarmists can be as well.

“If it is possible to minimize the risks of climate change, then the same goes for exaggeration,” Republican AGs wrote. “If minimization is fraud, exaggeration is fraud.”

Democrats have largely scoffed at free speech arguments, saying Exxon and others were committing fraud by disagreeing with the Obama administration over the severity of global warming and the effects of potential climate policies.

“As Democrats, we believe that our country’s greatest strength is its people, and we’re committed to the values of inclusion and opportunity for all,” Wasserman Schultz said in a statement. “Our candidates ran strong campaigns that addressed the priorities of the American people, and I am proud to say that the drafting process has reflected our commitment as a party to elevating their voices.”

The draft party platform now needs approval from the full platform committee in Orlando in July. That document will then need approval at the Democratic National Convention later that month.

The Democratic platform didn’t just embrace prosecuting skeptics, it also approved a provision to get rid of fossil fuels by 2050.

“Moving beyond the ‘all of the above’ energy approach in the 2012 platform, the 2016 platform draft re-frames the urgency of climate change as a central challenge of our time, already impacting American communities and calling for generating 50 percent clean electricity within the next ten years,” reads the platform summary.

“The Committee unanimously adopted a joint proposal from Sanders and Clinton representatives to commit to making America run entirely on clean energy by mid-century, and supporting the ambitious goals put forward by President Obama and the Paris climate agreement,” according to the platform.

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About the Author: Michael Bastasch

Michael Bastasch writes on energy, climate and the environment for the Daily Caller.

  1. Bob Lyman

    This is astounding. The Democratic Party is proposing explicitly to curtail free speech just to undermine the economic interests that it views as its political opponents. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Concerned

      Absolutely astounding. Doubt and questioning is the underlying base of science as our physicists and scientists search for the TRUTH. With ALL AGW models failing to match any of the real data, they should be doubted and questioned until they are corrected. To prosecute skeptics is equivalent to outlawing science and the search for TRUTH, which is truly crazy. This is a Republic & not a dictatorship and this should be shouted loud and clear to proponents of tyranny who are proposing to put this in their platform.

  2. Douglas W. Rodrigues

    The DNC are functioning much like the Russian Communists used to. First it was Political Correctness, then it was jailing anyone who didn’t mouth the Communist Party idealogy. Speaking anything contrary to the Communist Party rule wouild get you thrown in jail and / or sent off to a prison camp. Think it can’t happen here? The only thing that slows the slow slide to such a situation is that American citizens have guns. That’s the primary reason why the “Progressives” and other politicians want your guns. People with power want more and more power. Barack Obama once said that he admired the way in which Josept Stalin was able to control the Russian people. Think about that for a moment? Hillary Clinton is a power monger too. Don’t ever give up your guns. If you don’t have one, buy one. Know how to use it because it looks like you’re going to need one if Obama and Hillary get their Police State,,,,all for your own good of course.

  3. Kevin

    Just remember that President Trump will also have a “pen and a phone,” and he could put “disbelievers” in the Second Amendment in prison for their beliefs, and half the people would support that (the ones who own guns)! True to their communist roots, the Democrats are now implementing their own version of Lysenkoism.

    • Dano2

      There will be no president Trump, sorry. He’s barely hanging on to get anointed in Cleveland.



      • Joseph O Morrow

        Did you read the article, refer to the references, and do your own personal fact checking? Until you do such things out of habit, YOU shall continue to be subject to the worst of deceptions!

        • Dano2

          I have. You were duped.

          Nobody is proposing to prosecute Skeptics. Very very simple to understand.



          • Joseph O Morrow

            Wouldn’t you rather be prepared for something that won’t ever actually happen to you personally than not be prepared and end up being caught with your pants down, so to speak?

            Folks were told that Hitler was trying to dupe them with his propaganda, but he still accomplished, big time, the exact unthinkable stuff that he said he would do!

            Now is the time to BE a skeptic. Wouldn’t you rather go to jail with your own personal integrity intact than to lose all integrity, and all hope for a Real Future, just to go along to get along?

              • Joseph O Morrow

                Answer? To which question?

                Verbal answers are not effective in our conversation anyway. Only DOING shall be effective from here on . . .

    • Joseph O Morrow

      The Book that they hate so much assures us that the predicted deadly sea-level rise is a moot point! That is the True Message of the rainbow, which has been twisted beyond recognition into the very thing which has caused so much disaster in human history. Ever since the Flood ended, the rainbow reminds God Himself that He promised He will never flood Planet Earth again with water.

      They would rather replace OUR BOOK with that other “holy” book, which carries the exact opposite message!

      Think of it: If we would take our own Book even more seriously than their extremists follow their book, in the ultimate end not even death itself would survive the casualties inflicted against evil by the Power of our True Objectivity, which the Bible refers to as Faith (see Hebrews 11)!

    • the colosseum is full

      You are under arrest young man, turn in your tongue! 🙂 lol
      this is not a laughing matter LOL

        • the colosseum is full

          Ah you misspelled Kick !
          it is spelled , k- I – c- k . Get it, Kick ? 🙂 lol
          when you turn er but to me expect it to be kicked …… hard! 🙂 LOL
          now everyone in this thread can see easily what an ass ye are! 🙂 lol

            • the colosseum is full

              uuh thanks fer that!
              Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the LORD’S servant?

  4. MarcJ

    “In the 1950s, it was: “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?’ Today, it’s: ‘Are you now, or have you ever been, a climate change denier?’ I’m not referring simply to the fact that it’s politically incorrect to question assertions of the man-made Global Warming hoax. That’s bad enough, but no—I mean that if some powerful individuals get their way, it could soon be a federal crime to do so,” writes Heritage Foundation founder Ed Feulner in The Washington Times. In the latest case of a celebrity exercising their sense of scientific superiority, that functional cretin Alec Baldwin stated that not believing in climate change was “a form of mental illness.”
    Well – there are some 32,000 of us such “insane criminals” – the signers of the “Oregon Petition” and of the “Manhattan Declaration” (see Internet). Myself among them: MS, PhD, Engineering, UCLA; specialties Heat & Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics. Come and sue me – creeps! And I will countersue you for that $25 billion which is the annual gift by the taxpayers to that bunch of American fakers directed by the UN-sponsored coterie of international socialists. An interesting fact: after 20 consecutive years of GLOBAL COOLING those criminal fakers were forced to change the name of their Global Warming hoax to their new Climate Change scam. By the way – we have just entered the 21st year of that cooling, corresponding perfectly to the predictable Sun Cycle; which by the way determines the earth’s climate to the point of 99.999% accuracy.

  5. richardjf

    So lil Debbie Hatemen Shultz is still at it, lying just as she always does. Shame on you. Try cleaning yourself up. At least look presentable an get rid of that curly hair look which went out years ago. Elijah Cummings an deb make a good pair. Haters!


    This bitch is the absolute worst thing that could happen to this country. She is paranoid and vindictive and lives in who own little world where everyone is out to get her. She honestly needs to be institutionalized,…now! It is her “Cultural Revolution” that is in full swing and the ignorant among us cannot see it is coming.

  7. ary

    When democrats stop flying in private planes and planes in general, and when they stop having motorcades of Beast or Beast like transportation, with security persons all around them, and when they live as they would have others live…i.e., when they walk their own talk…and when they and their “friends” do not profit from their decisions…then they’ll have creditability that is at this point entirely lacking.

    Why prosecute or investigate those who disagree with them?? Because for them, only “FORCE” and intimidation — by creating policies and laws against free speech and against selfprotection– can ensure that they can remain in denial and create shared denial in the populace!
    When Democrat routinely encourage many millions to actively ignore and even break laws when they have a “dream” of things they want and want now, without consideration for others…I agree:sociopathy reigns in the party represented by the donkey.

    • paul prehn

      It is unfortunately, all in the UN plan for OUR country, just like firearm scheme that Barry and Hillary are also so enamored of. Look it up.

  8. MarcJ

    World-renowned physicist and Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman’s admonition has been largely discarded in the halls of academia. “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered,” he said, “than answers that can’t be questioned.” Sadly, answers that none dare question now dominate classroom life led by liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, Marxists, “social sciences” professors, Democrats, union goons, and other such low-lives, slime, and scum of this once free country. The main vehicle today for this war on dissent is the Global Warming hoax which, – after 20 consecutive years of GLOBAL COOLING, – had to be renamed as the Climate Change scam by that coterie of government-paid drones under the supervision of the UN socialist panel. In preparation for that Paris Conference last December the fakers had to “recalibrate their instruments”, and to “refine their computer models” to “demonstrate further warming” retroactively. A number of our socialist Marxist attorney generals are getting ready to sue those doubters; well – there are some 32,000 such scientists and professionals to be sued: find their names on the Internet under “Oregon Petition” and “Manhattan Declaration”. And I am one of them: MS, PhD, Engineering, UCLA, with specialties in Heat & Mass Transfer and in Thermodynamics. Hello creeps – sue me if you dare! And I will counter-sue you for some $3 trillion government dollars which that far-left coterie absorbed so far. A growing number of our universities are preparing to forbid access to their students by those “criminal doubters and deniers”. That is just a sick repetition of those medieval religious inquisition courts against the non-believers, and of those Stalin’s show-trials against non-conformists.

  9. Abel

    This is just another Socialist Democratic ploy to further enhance their control of the people. It’s what they do; stir up the sheeple with a bunch of agitprop with various hot-button issues that sound plausible until you think them through. They are very good at what they do, but normal intelligent thinking people can see right through their BS and into their miserable core. Their wealth attests to their ability to fleece the public. IMO, WassermanShultz is insane…just look at her eyes. Sanders is just another Socialist/Communist detractor. Hillary is, to be PC, just an Undocumented Felon who needs to be put away somewhere; she’s not just an ordinary crook, she is a top-of-the-line organized criminal.

    Nobody in their right mind is arguing that climate change doesn’t exist. Of course it exists, it is a natural phenomenon, and it is cyclic. The main contribution of the human race is that they put out slightly more energy than lower order mammals, and as they increase in population the temperature rises minimally. Mother Earth can handle humans without significant effort on her part. And by the way, Carbon Dioxide is what humans exhale, and plants enjoy it very much; they reward us by inhaling it and exhaling Oxygen, which we need to live. We may appreciate the greenhouse effect a bit more as our growing seasons begin to diminish going down the coming negative slope.

    We are nearing the peak of the warming cycle that began back in the 1800’s, or the mini-ice age, and if history repeats itself like it usually does, we should begin the down slope back into some form of an ice age. We have managed to raise the average temperature less than one degree during this warming period.

    The prime culprit that raises and lowers our planetary temperature is the sun, which is a natural furnace without which we would all be encased in glacial ice, or maybe non-existent in the first place. Global warming haters may want to hang on to their long-johns and heavy coats to keep warm as the planet get colder. The reason for the roiling of emotions about climate change? Just follow the money; particularly the money going to the Democrat/Socialist Millionaires/Billionaires.

  10. jameshrust

    This is incredible news. For a political party to even think of denying its citizens the right of freedom of speech means it is time to abolish this political party. The assault on science by these global warmists has set scientific enquiry back for the next 50 years. There is no end to the damage to the nation due to these activities.
    This does not even account for the economic damage done to the nation if we abandon our abundant, economic, and geographically distributed fossil fuels of coal, oil, and natural gas for the expensive, unreliable, and vast land requiring renewable energy resources of solar, wind, ethanol from corn, other biofuels, etc.
    Surly this materiail will not be in the final Democrat Platform; but the fact there is thought in this direction means the Democrat Party has crossed the line of fairness and repect for democratic ideals.
    Pray for the Nation.
    James H. Rust, professor of nuclear engineering (ret. Georgia Tech)

    • Peter Osborne

      Yes, it is a distressing thing when science is replaced with faulty speculation and worse still when the party demanding this undermines the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Showing a willingness to destroy both for their favorite fiction.

    • paul prehn

      “Thought in this direction means the Democrat Party has crossed the line of fairness and respect for ideals…..”?? Sorry, but they crossed THAT line LONG ago, which brought us the lying narcissist Barry Soerto Obama and that other world-class liar, Hillary Clinton.

    • Dano2

      You were duped: For a political party to even think of denying its citizens the right of freedom of speech means it is time to abolish this political party.

      No one is thinking that.



  11. JL Brown Jr

    We have had climate change for hundreds of years, it’s called spring, summer, fall, winter. Some are lite, some are extreme. But now just doubting there failed research they want to throw you in jail. Lets do it one better, you lie to parents, brothers, sisters of ones killed during the attack on our people, you lie about a email sever that the only reason you had it, was so no one would see you corrupt emails that would be public notice. You did it to hide your underhand dealing. You go to jail!

  12. Azmesa88

    Someone needs to put the Democrats in the their place….and told to read the legal founding documents of this nation and FOLLOW them! It is way past time to speak up and tell them that this is America and they have NO right to step all over our rights, freedoms, and laws…who the hell do they think they are?
    AND they need to learn science and use sense! Things that happen to the world, as far as weather and such, is God’s territory and the left can stuff it! We are FREE people to think, believe and learn as we feel…they can too, but they do not have the right to try and push it down anyone’s throat!

  13. Richard

    It might not be the best policy, but the climate skeptics need to see what almost all climate scientists are saying: man made climate change is real, it is getting worse and we, mankind, are destroying this planet.
    The basic reason for this is that man evolved to only respond to his immediate environment. Now that there are so many of us, and we are big energy users, our evolutionary makeup is working against us.

    • Gary Ashe

      Utter horse-shit, human physiology is atuned for peak fitness and longevity at 700ppm, at 700ppm and 2c warmer the average human life-span will be 12 to 15 longer than today, you just make your ”stuff” up as you go along.

      • Dano2

        If you think any animal in the genus H0mo evolved during 700 ppmv, you are just the savvy investor I’ve been looking for to take advantage of my latest can’t-miss opportuni-TEA!

        PM me right away!



  14. Bill Smith

    It’s not about prosecuting the climate change deniers. It’s about misleading shareholders to increase profits.

  15. Evan Pallesen

    I say “Bring it on!”. The resounding defeat of warmist pseudo-science in court that would follow, should resolve the debate once and for all.

      • Evan Pallesen

        If you are going to make that assertion, (which seems unlikely given that the science is so sketchy), a few examples would be useful?

          • Gary Ashe

            The only court case EVER brought against climate science was in the UK, and the science was found unproven, and the claims about the ”’science”’ greatly exaggerated, and a disclaimer to that effect had to run proir to the documentary being aired,

  16. Gary

    Unbelievable !!! All of the qualified science has proven Global Warming is a myth, but the Demon-crates and the Democratic Party continue to insist that man can do something about a myth.
    I wonder if they have ever considered shutting down all of the volcanos around the world since those emission sources put out more than 1000 times the emissions than all factories and humans combined.
    Also, I wonder when the Dems will move to put a gas collection device on cows and pigs since those emission sources put out more methane than all the factories in the world. And, methane is the worst pollutant for harming the ozone layer that protects the earth from harmful sun rays.

  17. MarcJ

    Swamps are large producers of methane by the rotting vegetation and also the breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitos. Methane is a powerful “global warming” gas – several times more so than carbon dioxide. Our Eco-Nazis (that is my more accurate name for the so-called “environmentalists”) renamed those deadly swamps as “wetlands” to be protected. Draining of those deadly swamps produced a number of mankind’s most important cities – like Rome, Paris, London, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle, New York…

    • Dano2

      LOLO’s laughable assertion, Man heats the Earth in your imagination and that is a fact. You can’t prove any of [it], was refuted.

      That’s the reason for the brave tactics here – it’s blatant error was exposed and it gave poor 79 a sads.



  18. Joe Geshel

    The Democratic Party is descending towards totalitarian government. Its conversion began outside the 1968 Democrats Convention in Chicago. The criminal rioters have now infiltrated the party and have taken it over.

  19. Joe Geshel

    Biofuels are causing the most destructive effects on the environment. The EPA doesn’t want corn to be fed to cattle but fed to cars. Now you know!

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