“Climate Hustle” SRO in Alberta

Friday night’s special screening of Climate Hustle in Edmonton, Alberta was a standing room only success.  climate-hustle-rucker-and-levant-in-edmonton

Praise and thanks once again to Canadian media meister Ezra Levant for making the Edmonton and Calgary showings such great successes.

Canada is blessed with abundant energy resources which explains why the climate-Left has targeted it.  Canadians have grown weary of the global warming propaganda campaign.  Climate Hustle is the antidote they need.

Friday night’s showing sold out.  The line wound around the block.

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  1. trevormarr

    It was a PACKED House in Calgary and many who wanted to attend had to be turned away because there were no more seats!

  2. trevormarr

    AGW now officially stands for Al Gore’s Wrong!!! Let’s be responsible, yes, but when it comes to a 1 part per million/year nurturing CO2 increase for the WORLD, emit on!!!!

  3. empiricist2

    Great that it is spreading. We need to counter the propaganda. There is so much today that people’s heads are spinning I think. And there is nothing encouraging them to THINK. That’s what you are supposed to learn to do in school, not just swallow the propaganda.

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