Controversial NASA climate scientist threatens to resign over Trump

NASA’s top climate scientist urged President-elect Donald Trump to keep paying for global warming programs, but threatened to resign if Trump censored his science.

Dr. Gavin Schmidt, the director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, told the Independent he and other government scientists are “not going to stand” for any funding cuts or other interference in their work.

“The point is simple: the climate is changing and you can try to deny it, you can Daily Caller New Foundationappoint people who don’t care about it into positions of power, but regardless nature has the last vote on this,” Schmidt, told The Independent Thursday. “It’s something we’re going to have to deal with sooner or later, and it’s better sooner rather than later. We don’t have a choice if we’re going to deal with it.”

Trump has called global warming a “hoax,” “mythical,” a “con job,” “nonexistent,” and “bullshit.” Trump views policies created to fight global warming as hurting U.S. manufacturing competitiveness with China.

 When The Independent asked Schmidt what he would do if Trump told him global warming was a hoax, Schmidt replied: “With respect, that’s not actually true.”

Schmidt went on to say he’d consider resigning if Trump didn’t embrace his vision of NASA as an environmental research institution or threatened to censor him.

Trump’s space policy focuses on eliminating bureaucratic waste and cutting back on environmental science research so the agency can pursue more ambitious goals, like sending humans to Mars.

NASA’s budget includes more than $2 billion for its Earth Science Mission Directorate, which works to improve climate modeling, weather prediction and natural hazard mitigation. NASA’s other functions, such as astrophysics and space technology, are only getting a mere $781.5 and $826.7 million, respectively, in the budget proposal.

Spending on the directorate has increased by 63 percent over the last eight years, making it the largest and fastest growing budget of any NASA science program. Over the same time period, the general NASA budget grew only by 10.6 percent — just enough to account for inflation. The Directorate’s goal is to help NASA “meet the challenges of climate and environmental change.” The organization is also responsible for global warming models proven to be inaccurate when checked against actual temperature observations.

Industry analysts suspect that Trump will likely modestly increase NASA’s overall budget while slashing many of the environmental science programs originally instituted by President Barack Obama.

The top scientific question Schmidt claimed that NASA wants to answer in its budget justification is “How are Earth’s climate and the environment changing?” The more typical space questions, such as “Are we alone?” and “How does the universe work?,” were at the very bottom of the list.

Even global warming alarmist Bill Nye the “Science Guy,” who’s also the CEO of the Planetary Society, has criticized Obama’s attempts to cut NASA’s space exploration and planetary science programs in favor of global warming. NASA’s planetary science program has previously held car washes and bake sales to gain political support to maintain funding.

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This article originally appeared in The Daily Caller


About the Author: Andrew Follett

Andrew Follett covers energy and the environment for the Daily Caller.

  1. Fromafar

    Gavin is bluffing. If he’s not. Fantastic!
    Hopefully, after a brief request from the new POTUS, Gavin will show us exactly how and why he’s altered the data. If he does, he’ll show us the fraud, if he doesn’t, he’s covering the fraud. Either way. Bye, Bye Gavin.
    Wouldn’t it be great to hear from POTUS DJT…..”You’re Fired!”…LOL
    It can’t happen soon enough.

  2. Warren O'Really

    Thank goodness he agrees that the climate is changing !
    The climates, all of them, have never NOT changed, so it will be most suitable for Schmidt to resign.

  3. Russ Wood

    The ‘hazard mitigation’ should stay – after all, this is the hurricane warning stuff. But isn’t it NOAA’s responsibility for weather forecasts?

  4. McFerguson

    Good, resign, Gavin. This whole climate thing is a charade, a hoax put together by globalists to diminish the economic, military, and political might of the United States. The climate has been steady over the past 25 years, the seas are not rising, the polar ice packs are expanding, not receding. And the names who’ve been pushing this nonsense for the last several years are all lefty loons like Michael Moore, John Kerry, Algore, Barry Soetoro (AKA Barack Obama), Chicken Little…who? Oh yeah, that one. And let’s not forget all the foreign powers who can’t wait to see the U.S. defanged economically and militarily. I ain’t buyin’ a bit of this nonsense. Tell the UN to go pound sand when they demand more and more money. Trump will do precisely that…

    • Concerned parent

      I would like to see this guy debate Lord Christopher Monckton :

      Lord Monckton: On climate change, this pope is making the same mistake as Galileo’s

      or Marc Morano who made minced meat out of another “expert”, Carol Andress : Morano in lively TV climate debate with enviro

      • Fromafar

        Gavin refuses to debate anyone. (After all, “The Debate is over!” – ask Algore).
        Better even than Lord Monckton would be Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard) who continually exposes Gavin’s fraudulent graphs.

      • McFerguson

        Yes, I’ve heard Lord Monckton speak on that issue before and he’s the one who convinced me. And El Rushbo has said for years that man is way too insignificant to affect the onrush of Mother Nature, which has been doing its thing for millions upon millions of years.

      • Chrus

        Lord Monckton is a complete fraud and charlatan. Remember his foray into AIDS? He is unreliable and a laughing stock. As unreliable as other Trump sycophants like Farage and the guy brought out to deny one of Trump’s sexual harassment accusers (the one on the plane).

        • Concerned parent

          Lord Monckton a fraud – would love to see proof.
          As for Trump and Farage – you are quoting two winners – US election and BREXIT.
          Time to look for some REAL proof.

          • Chrus

            Farage won nothing. He lost his seat in Parliament though.
            Proof is there for you to see that Monckton is a fool and fraud. He’s been up to his brand of nonsense since the 80s

            • Chrus

              I looked for REAL proof whilst gaining a 2-1 MSc in Environmental Sciences. Unlike Monckton who studied Classics.

            • Concerned parent

              I feel sorry for people like you whose vision is blurred by hypocrisy, deception, lies and socialism.
              Hopefully Putin will have George Soros and then maybe, just maybe, people’s vision will clear. And when the UK and US have a government that is of the people and for the people, peace will come again.
              Farage, Monckton and Trump are fighting the new world order, and the latter are writhing in agony and death pains. However, truth wins, so I will count on that.

            • Brin Jenkins

              Nonsense, he has been getting death threats though and that is typical Liberal Left, Hate not Hope tactic in the Uk

    • Chrus

      How unfortunate it is that something so serious as climate change and it’s implications has been ridiculed by the likes of those making ignorant comments here.
      Your conspiracy ideas are ludicrous and complete nonsense. Climate science developed out of multiple disciplines of science, out of scientific curiosity and endeavour.
      It has no care for any particular country’s ‘might’ and was not concocted to damage your lifestyle or economy.
      Ironically though, in denigrating the science and scientific community who are only interested in the pursuit of knowledge, you are actually increasing the chances of catastrophic change to your, and everyone else’s, country, environment, lifestyle and economies. The USA is not impervious to the future effects of climate change so don’t think you’ll get off lightly.
      And you are completely WRONG to suggest that the climate has been ‘steady’ since 1991. Records are routinely broken for extremes in temperature, wind and rainfall in both individual events and over month/year periods. Like hottest year, driest November, earliest Spring, heaviest rainfall. And the the Polar ice caps not expanding. North Polar sea ice coverage is receding so much that free sea passages are almost possible.
      You lot of deniers are willfully screwing us all, just like your new President will. We will all be crying about it in the years to come.

      • McFerguson

        Climate has been changing for eons, Chrus, and there’s not a damn thing you, or people like you, can do about it. The “experts” told us back in the late 70s that peak oil had been reached and the use of fossil fuels would soon be in a precipitous decline in the coming years. Today, 30 years later, the world’s awash in oil and virtually every day massive new oil finds are discovered. So, you can take your East Anglia University manufactured computer model readings along with the loons at the UN and shove it where the sun don’t shine, Chrus.

        • Chrus

          It’s actually the University of East Anglia, a most respected school of Environmental Science and Climate Research Unit. The models were not fabricated at all, as was shown despite attacks on it’s probity.
          How would they benefit vs deniers funded by oil?

          • Chrus

            Also it’s incorrect to suggest that there’s no way we can do anything about it. I assert we are effectively changing the climate through our activities. That is already one way we can do a damn thing about it. It is true that climate has changed through geological time, that’s how we know about our current position! We can also slow warming by pursuing certain policies regarding energy and sustainability. Why not go for clean fuel even if there was no climate implications?

            • McFerguson

              Ah-ha, now we get to the real issue for condescending liberal twits like yourself. You got a huge issue with fossil fuels generally and oil companies particularly and you try to twist this political issue into a contrived one of human survivability. And you find a convenient boogie man in the most ubiquitous element in the universe – Carbon dioxide (CO2) – to blame it on. So, while Algore and DeCaprio can emit all the CO2 into the atmosphere they want without any blowback from the politicos, John Q. Public is going to be hounded by Presidents, like Obama for example, to make sure you lower your thermostats so as not to emit too much CO2 into the atmosphere. Phonies all. And you, Chrus are a hypocrite for refusing to mention it. This is another issue of progressives focusing on an agenda rather than scientific facts and undeniable proof. And don’t tell me a “consensus” of scientists believe in the “facts” of global warming. Then when the actual temperatures don’t comport with what the computer models portend, the phonies say, “Hmmm…we’re going to have trouble selling this idea of ‘global warming,’ we’ll have to get something that everybody knows happens over a period of time. SHAZAM, we’ll call it ‘climate change’ and the fools will buy it!” Is that the way it went down, Chrus, in the faculty lounges where you hang your hat? And while we’re at it, why do you mispel your own name? Shed a little light on that – or will that emit too much CO2? Ok, use a candle if you must…

                • Chrus

                  Right, add pedant to the list.
                  CO2 is a compound not an element.
                  Therefore not the most ubiquitous element in the universe. Neither are Carbon or Oxygen. That would be, in ranking order, Hydrogen, Helium, the Oxygen and Carbon.
                  The science, that which I studied anyway, was obviously apolitical. The fact that burning fossil fuels gives off CO2 doesn’t help me to love an oil company, say. But how they operate makes them dislike them.
                  Calling me hypocritical for not mentioning is weird to me. I don’t really understand how that is. What you didn’t address was why not try other energy sources too. Precautionary principle wouldn’t hurt.
                  I don’t know of a large number of scientists that agree with your stance.
                  I call myself Chris cos I wanna. And don’t be sarcy about candles unless they’re fair trade organic soya based.

                  • McFerguson

                    Frankly, I’m for using the whole gamut of energy resources, whether it’s solar, wind, nuclear, coal, natural gas, liquid gas, whatever, just as long as free market capitalism is allowed to work its magic. We don’t need some leftist loon, like Obama or Hillary, telling us they know what’s best for the rest of us. And we don’t need to spend another $500,000,000 of the people’s money on some phony solar panel company (Hello, Solyndra) that serves the interests of the crony capitalists and collapses before it leaves the starting gate. Wake up!

                  • Betawelder

                    CO2 levels follow Temps up and down. Temp drives CO2 not the other way around, You should watch Murry Salbys lectures, he actually studied atmospheric CO2.

                    • CTConservatives47

                      Absolutely. Al Gore’s presentation was a complete scientific fraud designed to peddle a BIG LIE. It worked because there are lot of scientific illiterates out therel almost all in the global warmists camp. FACT: if every man, woman and child disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow, we’d still have 99.84% of the ame CO2 as before because it’s overwhelmingly NATURALLY produced. Of course, if Al Gore disappeared, we’d have one less bloviating bovine buffoon around.

                • McFerguson

                  You’re welcome. I’ve never known a liberal that wasn’t condescending and, hence, deserving of ridicule. You admit to the former, and the rest follows naturally.

                  • Immortal600

                    “I’ve never known a liberal that wasn’t condescending and, hence, deserving of ridicule.”

                    How true!! Right on the money!!

                  • CTConservatives47

                    And, of course, the term “liberal” is a misnomer. As Jonah Goldberg elucidates so clearly in his book “Liberal Fascism,” liberals are really fascists at heart because they seek utopia through the increase of government power and bureaucracy, often exercised through crony capitalism and government control over business. Liberal with other p[ople’s money is about the only thing with which they’re truly liberal.

            • Sam Pyeatte

              You cannot separate human activity effects on climate (if they even exist) from natural variation. Repeated predictions of doom never materialized on the 10 and 20 year time scales, so now they go out a hundred years so that all the predictors will be dead and forgotten. We have had eight years of climate madness that wasted countless $Billions, trashed the economy, and indoctrinated and lied to grade school children. Now it is our turn to try to reverse the damage and get our economy going again.

              • Chrus

                Not wasted money imo, if it results in a shift to renewable energy, reduces pollution also and helps reduce the need for imports. That isn’t what trashed the economy, we’re still feeling the effects from the 08 crash. Neither is teaching children the science in any way indoctrination. That does happen in US schools, but with creationist and religious nonsense.

                • CTConservatives47

                  Science? Are you kidding? Showing “An Inconvenient Truth” to imporessionable schoolchildren is child educational abuse and indoctrinatioin. Please, if you will, provide us with a cogent and intelligent analysis of the relative influences of natural versus anthrpogenic factors upon climate. Then, we’ll talk.

              • CTConservatives47

                You nailed it. The global warming religionists simply make false assumption about the effects of CO2 without being able to prove anything. And since the temperature rise from 1978-1998 was so small, whatever effect man has had on climate is insignificant. This was always about government control and global income redistribution.

  5. temporary guest

    “Dr. Gavin Schmidt, ….. told the Independent he and other government scientists are “not going to stand” for any funding cuts or other interference in their work”

    Well, Dr Schmidt, don’t let the door knob hit you as Trump and the American people demonstrate that we’re not going to stand for any more agenda driven BS sucking the life out of the American economy and the tax payers. You sound like you think we owe you something. And here we thought it was only Hillary Clinton and the liberal media that had that attitude. If you’re really that convinced that your work is that important, you’d be better off making that case believable than assuming the right to dictate to the president elect and the American people.

  6. Hey you

    Yes, there is about a 400 year cycle in climate warming and cooling, Always has been and probably always will be. And always happened without funding for “climate” scholars.

  7. Pandaz3

    I would hope he realizes that all data collected by him or others at NASA belongs to NASA, a part of the Federal government. It is against the law, the same law that will get Hillary, to destroy federal documents except in accordance with the destruction rules. So if he feels vindictive, he might get some time to reflect on his actions.

    • Fromafar

      He’s ignored said “Federal Laws” so far by not telling us what exactly he does to the data or his methodology. He’s been repeatedly FOIA’ed and ignores it.

      It’s the publics money, but Gavin’s Fiefdom.
      The 11th Commandment is: “Though Shalt NOT question Gavin. The Debate is Over!”…. This is actually the first commandment of the religion of Glo-bull Warming.

  8. MarcJ

    World-renowned physicist and Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman’s admonition has been largely discarded in the halls of academia. “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered,” he said, “than answers that can’t be questioned.” Sadly, answers that none dare question now dominate classroom life led by liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, Marxists, “social sciences” professors, Democrats, union goons, and other such low-lives, slime, and scum of this once free country. The main vehicle today for this war on dissent is the Global Warming hoax which, – after 20 consecutive years of GLOBAL COOLING, – had to be renamed as the Climate Change scam by that coterie of government-paid drones under the supervision of the UN socialist panel. In preparation for that Paris Conference last December the fakers had to “recalibrate their instruments”, and to “refine their computer models” to “demonstrate further warming” retroactively. A number of our socialist Marxist attorney generals are getting ready to sue those doubters; well – there are some 32,000 such scientists and professionals to be sued: find their names on the Internet under “Oregon Petition” and “Manhattan Declaration”. And I am one of them: MS, PhD, Engineering, UCLA, with specialties in Heat & Mass Transfer and in Thermodynamics. Hello creeps – sue me if you dare! And I will counter-sue you for some $3 trillion government dollars which that far-left coterie absorbed so far. A growing number of our universities are preparing to forbid access to their students by those “criminal doubters and deniers”. That is just a sick repetition of those medieval religious inquisition courts against the non-believers, and of those Stalin’s show-trials against non-conformists.

    • Li D

      Oh i reckon physics and chemistry are quite an independant entity from a political narrative.
      I dont recall conspiracy theories
      being integral to Poppers ideas.
      You are quite honestly away with the faeries Mr/Mrs/Miss MarcJ.

      Your misuse and seeming misunderstanding of a Feynman.quote has quite made
      you appear ignorant even before
      your nonsensical rant.

      All rhetoric. No analysis.

      You aint lonesome here anyhow. Bunch of sorry arse
      muppets here talking the most
      appalling tripe. And that includes Mr Follet. Where did he
      study objective journalism?

      Li D

      • vimy100

        Li D ~ Karl Popper would have despised the attitude of the CAGW alarmists to their opponents. Threatening to fire journal editors who publish contrary evidence and to cut off the flow of information to journalists who don’t toe the line, corrupting the peer review process by influencing the selection of reviewers and then arranging collusion among the reviewers, refusing to publish supporting data and modelling code. Shameful. Refusing to advance falsification criteria ~ the exact opposite of Popper’s approach.

        However, in your defence, you seem to have mastered quite well the arts of name-calling, character assassination, and ad hominem argument. This will no doubt establish your bona fides with the CAGW crowd.

      • MarcJ

        Here comes a commie cretin from down under spewing nonsense and invectives. My write-up must have hit his or her “balls” hard to provoke that stream of sick invectives.

  9. Concerned parent

    What happened to debate, doing what’s really best for the planet, and not gouging developed nations with constant demands for more money, higher taxes, and scaremongering. Every dirty trick in the book is being used to deceive, threaten and intimidate – usual tactics of the left. They don’t believe in discussion or even considering other experts’ points of view.

    • Fromafar

      If they debate, they’re exposed. As such, they all refuse to debate.
      Anyway, ask Algore. He’ll tell you! “The Debate is Over”.

  10. TEA9876

    Yes you are so right the climate does change constantly by the seasons. Your job is now complete. We the taxpayers accept your resignation

  11. Pam Dunn

    He LOOKS like the south end of a North bound jackass and is definitely a total moron and idiot sucking up taxpayer money for a load of stupidity. GIIS WILL BE BETTER OFF without you.

  12. Pam Dunn

    Strange how all those jerkoffs have PLENTY of money for conferences in Fancy exotic locations , BUT NEED more to line their pockets.

  13. AllenBarclayAllen

    Please ! Ha ha ha don’t let the door hit you on the ass !
    Well help you out ! Which way did you come in ?
    You can’t fire civil servants ! You delete their congressional pay number ! President Donald Trump knows that ! I taught him ! Tinuear is meaningless when your pay number has been deleted in Congress ! Have a nice day !

  14. Raymond Miller

    We aren’t lucky enough for him give up his self aggrandizing position at NASA. Like everything else that Doggie-Doo touches he F’d up NASA too. Cut all funding to the whack jobs and their BS game. Defund the EPA, that was another gift from Tricky Dicky along with OSHA and they are killing us.

  15. jameshrust

    Great article. GISS should be shut down. NASA should look at outer space and let global temperatures be part of NOAA.

  16. Ron Gonshorowski

    He probably is at the pay level of that Oregon State University doctor of sports medicine who receives $55,000. per month
    They wanted us to add a 2 billion sales tax on Oregon sales and we turned them down, because they said had no idea where they were going to spend it.

  17. reagangs

    This high end political “scientist” needs to come down off of his pedestal, if not then he needs to be knocked off of it. Trump will cut funding to NASA and other over spending agencies. Trump will combine over lapping and nonessential agencies. It’s time to cut the crap from the fed bureaucracy.

  18. wally12

    Galvin is not a true scientists. He is a fraud. real scientists do not claim that the science is settled. Instead, Galvin is out for his own welfare. If he was honest, he would turn over all of his original data to all other scientists for their evaluation. When Einstein first held the theory about gravity and its ability to bend light, he didn’t hide his formulas. In fact, he even doubted his own work at times and went back to reexamine it. In his case, there were many who didn’t believe. He didn’t claim that the science was settled. Then he stated again his theory and realized that to satisfy the skeptics scientists, he would have to have observational proof. It took many attempts to prove his theory but in the end it was proven by a photographer.

    The warmers, on the other hand, are attempting to shut down and to prevent skeptics from presenting another view. In fact, there are many who believe that CO2 is not the driver of warming. That is why these individuals are attempting to shut down debate and further proof. To them, observational proof is any weather event that impacts a poor nation or area. In an attempt to prove their theory, they will doctor the data and/or use fudge factors in their revised models to claim proof.

    Trump appears to be able to recognize a hoax and has stated that in many terms. Good for him. He isn’t afraid as many democrats and some republicans are in either side stepping the issue or saying nothing in the hope they will still be elected for not taking a position. What is interesting is that the IPCC has admitted that CO2 has not been proven to be the driver but they have decided to keep up the lie and to attempt to move towards a political solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Thus, it is now the move to extract funds from industrialized nations in the form of taxation and to redistribute funds to poorer nations under the lie that any storm event that creates hardship will be redistributed by industrialize nations.

    I look forward to the event where Trump states that the US will drop out of the Paris agreement and stop this insanity.

  19. GeorgeH

    This fool can’t leave fast enough! I’m personally in favor of prosecution for fraud due to the cherry picking of data used to prop up the AGW propaganda GISS Has been putting out for decades. Hopefully, a total change in management and a return to real science (and dismissal of AGW religionists) will occur soon!

  20. KLH6

    I’m so sick of people threatening to do stuff. Resign already & as the old saying goes, “Don’t let the door hit you in the a**.”
    It seems everyone these days feels they are indespensible. I assure you, you are not. I used to knock myself out in my nursing job. I worked extra shifts, I was on
    a bunch of committees, etc. Then one day, I realized, if I had croaked they would have found someone to replace me just fine. So
    I quit all the extra job things & spent more time with my family. Unfortunately, I had already ruined my health.

  21. TommyD

    Like there is not a plethora of highly qualified individuals that can replace this guy at the drop of a

    Do it big guy.. Show us all that you the man!

  22. Timothy Parish

    Soon to lose his job, or even be prosecuted, for his participation in the global warming falsification of data to hide our current 30-50 year global cooling event, preventing taking action to protect our food supply and power production capacity needed for our survival

  23. taxeye

    Censoring his science? Hell, there are qualified scientists disputing his theory. So far, Dr. Schmidt seems to have only provided rhetoric and computer models to support his theories. Methinks Schmidt has taken off his science hat and replaced it with his political hat. Good science used to be supported with hard actual laboratory work rather than computer modeling and actual recorded
    historical facts.

  24. Jim_AZ

    We’ll all be so disappointed when NASA has nothing left to do but Its Dam Job as the Space Agency, and leaves the realm of propaganda to journalists and school officials. Sad, sad, we will be.

  25. capers2

    So…Gavin Schmidt’s argument: Since the sun rises and falls, the earth rotates/revolves around the sun and the seasons and “climate” changes (as it has for millennium), he should be on the government dole because he can prove “the sun rises and falls, the earth rotates/revolves around the sun and the seasons and “climate” changes (as it has for millennium)”… Yep…We got it…

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