ANTIFA maced, arrested, CFACT forum goes on! – WATCH ABC NOW

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ANTIFA maced by police, arrest made as ANTIFA fails to prevent Lauren Southern from speaking to the CFACT chapter at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  WATCH ABC NOW.

More details at CFACT Collegians.


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  1. Sylvia

    It’s amazing how ignorant these people are. How can you believe you’re fighting fascists, when you’re the biggest fascists in the area? College professors failing again.

  2. dje3

    many jurisdictions have laws against marches with face masks on, many also include the carrying of weapons and or anything that can be sued as a weapon while masked. In those jurisdictions these can be felony charges. I am wondering if this a jurisdiction that should have been making felony arrests?

  3. dje3

    WTH? Alt-right activist? my GOD the labeling that these asshole media use to demonize anyone who is conservative.

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