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Craig Rucker is president and co-founder of CFACT.

COP 24: CFACT with the gilets jaune

The gilets jaunes (yellow vests) represent a broad cross section of the French working and middle classes.  They are butchers, bakers and automobile makers.  They are the folks who drive the trucks, farm the food, build the buildings and fix what breaks.  They are France.  They have had enough. 

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COP 24: France surrenders

Faced with widespread carbon / fuel tax rioting, French President Emmanuel Macron surrendered. The French government suspended the wildly unpopular fuel tax, for six months at least. "The people are revolting!" Mel Brooks as Louis XIV: "You said it, they stink on ice."

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Brown fiddled while California burned

Historians have found no conclusive evidence that the Emperor Nero was playing his lyre during Rome's great fire. He wasn't even in the city. Future historians will have no problem documenting that Governor Brown and the Greens chose ideology over effective forest management, fire fighting and prevention.

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Apollo astronaut takes on UN climate report

Flat Earthers? Moon landing deniers? Check with the team who planted America's flag on the moon. They saw the curvature of the Earth from a unique vantage point. They left their footprints in the lunar soil. Their credibility is undeniable.

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Endangered Species Act reform — About time

If you judge a public policy by its results, the ESA of 1973 is a flop. Over 2,000 species have been listed as endangered pursuant to the Act. How many have recovered? Around thirty. The ESA has, however, been incredibly effective at frustrating and delaying economic activity.

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CFACT Billboard — “Insane Electricity Prices Ahead!”

California's mistaken new energy law spells trouble for everyone. As business flees, the politicians in Sacramento are going to want to inflict the same burdens on the rest of us to "make things fair." This energy-wound is self inflicted. California should adopt a wiser course and others should avoid repeating their mistake.

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Side events with consequences

Businesses get saddled with burdensome mandates, consumers pay higher prices, and economies flounder. Even worse, such measures often take their toll on those who can afford it least – namely the poor.

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