• ‘Avatar’ director Cameron chickens out of warming debate

    Famed ‘Avatar’ director James Cameron recently challenged several global warming skeptics to a public debate, but then cancelled at the last minute. Marc Morano, one of those challenged by Cameron, has this to say: “Cameron chickened out after saying he wanted to call us ‘deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it […]

  • New report: ‘Global cooling’ devastated China

    You’ve probably heard time and again about how global warming is bad.  But now it appears a new study has shown that at least in one country, namely China, warmer times were better times.   According to the report, produced by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, droughts, floods, wars and the price of rice all increased […]

  • Howard Stern: ‘Bring back DDT!’

    **WARNING** AUDIO CLIP INCLUDES STRONG LANGUAGE **WARNING** Click here if the player doesn’t work   Howard Stern, radio personality and host of The Howard Stern Show, one of the most popular and influential radio programs in America, is calling for the insecticide DDT to be brought back to battle the bedbugs in New York and […]

  • Adding ‘ecocide’ to list of major international crimes

    Genocide and war crimes are ghastly offenses that be tried before the International Criminal Court.  But if one lawyer in Britain has her way, so-called “ecocide” against nature could be added as a new major crime against the world.  According to the UK’s Guardian newspaper, this radical idea, if approved by the U.N., could be […]

  • EPA to force automakers to build cars no one wants

    Will the EPA’s new fuel efficiency requirement – which mandates a 34 miles per gallon standard on vehicles by 2016 — be beneficial to motorists?  Nicolas Loris of the Heritage Foundation doesn’t think so and here explains why: “Just because automakers build cars does not mean consumers will buy them.  Industry insiders and experts are […]

  • Guerrillas threat to gorillas

    Armed guerrillas are known to be a menace to civilians, but how about to wildlife?  Well it appears that such renegade militias are indeed taking their toll on the animal kingdom and nowhere is this more pervasive than in the Congo.  According to a report issued by the U.N. and Interpol, armed guerrillas are actually […]

  • Forecasters divided over global warming

    That the public is divided over the issue of global warming is news to no one.  But that weather forecasters are also sharply divided might well surprise a few.  Such was the finding, however, of a recent survey conducted by the National Science Foundation, which found that of the over 1,300 TV weathercasters it surveyed, […]

  • A lot of hot air on carbon offsets

    Paying money for environmental projects to offset your carbon emissions may sound like a good idea.  But according to a recent report in the Christian Science Monitor, many carbon offsets have merely become a multi-million dollar fraud with little regulation and even less Green benefits.  One of the most prominent examples involves the Vatican, which […]

  • Eco-designer crafts seed-sprouting face mask

    You’ve heard of masks being used for Halloween and by super heroes like Batman, but how about by environmentalists intent on curbing global warming?  Well believe it or not, such a mask, called the Green Screen, has been developed by designer Robert Ortega, and it promises to both keep your lungs safe from the world […]

  • New placement possibilities for renewable energy projects

    Lots of people want to see new renewable energy projects spring up for things like solar and wind power.  But finding suitable locations for such large projects is often a huge challenge.  That’s why there’s much encouragement about a new effort by the Bureau of Land Management to begin looking at dozens of previously contaminated […]

  • Lord Christopher Monckton on Bonn climate conference

     The United Nations recently held yet another climate change conference, this time in Bonn, Germany.  In attendance was Lord Christopher Monckton who doesn’t believe a new global warming treaty serves the best interests of the international community:”The tactics of U.N. bureaucrats are dismally predictable.  They wanted to reach agreement in Bonn that would lead to […]

  • German scientists advocate personal CO2 quotas

    You’ve heard about quotas being placed on automobiles, steel and produce.  But how about carbon dioxide?  Well believe it or not, a German think tank has proposed placing a CO2 quota on each individual person inhabiting our Earth.  The reason of course is to address the issue of global warming.  The scientists advocate a cap […]

  • A Constitutional Amendment, PETA-style

      Lots of people have ideas about amendments that ought to be added to the U.S. Constitution.  But leave it to PETA to propose one that would define all mammals, birds and fish as “persons” in the eyes of the law.  This according to the Center for Consumer Freedom, which wonders why PETA would want […]

  • Bright future for nanofiber light bulbs

    Light bulbs have lit up quite a discussion over the past year as policymakers struggle to balance environmental needs with those of public safety.    While incandescent bulbs are getting the off-switch because of their inefficient energy consumption, many have complained about the toxics and poor light quality produced by their fluorescent replacements.  Now there’s a […]

  • Rainforest story latest IPCC scandal

      First it was Climategate in which leaked emails revealed major scientific corruption at one of the world’s leading global warming research centers.  Then, the U.N. was forced to recant on its claims about the melting of the Himalayas.  And now?  Well how about the U.N.’s main science body, the IPCC, being forced to admit […]

  • Lawsuit challenges EPA’s ‘endangerment’ finding

      Should the EPA regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act?  While the Obama Administration maintains such action is necessary to curb so-called global warming, the Competitive Enterprise Institute is challenging a recent EPA ruling that carbon dioxide is an endangerment to public health.  Comments CEI’s Sam Kazman: “EPA wants to […]

  • A Sage Grouse hang up over barbed wire

    Everyone knows that oil and water don’t mix.  But did you know the same can be said about barbed wire and sage grouse?  Probably not, but according to a new study by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department it appears a chicken-like bird known as the sage grouse, now perilously in decline, might be having […]

  • Developing nations new leaders in greenhouse emissions

    Many believe the United States and other industrialized nations are the primary culprits behind emissions of greenhouse gasses. But is this true? Not according to new data which shows that it is now the developing world, led by China and India, which release most of the world’s greenhouse gasses. A peer reviewed study released by […]

  • The Myth of Green Jobs

    President Obama has argued that the creation of so called green jobs will stimulate our economy and help us out of our current recession.  But best selling author, Chris Horner, disagrees, and has this to say:  “What’s a green job? A green job [. . .]means requiring more man hours to produce a kilowatt hour […]

  • Solar power no eco-friend to Mojave Desert

    Could a large new solar power plant set to be built in the Mojave Desert cause major environment damage?  Well the federal government just determined that a new 400 megawatt facility would not cause significant harm, but according to Energy and Environment’s Land Letter, a closer look at the federal findings reveal that even with […]