Holger Thuss on Foreign Affairs PanelBerlin, Germany, 20 Jan. Today, Dr. Holger Thuss, Executive Director of CFACT EUROPE, joined a panel debating the role of ethical values in foreign affairs, in order to present his translation of Paul Driessen’s best-selling book Eco-imperialism: Green Power – Black Death.

During his presentation, Dr. Thuss strongly emphasized the importance of value-based foreign policies, particularly in such areas as development aid and WTO. As an example he mentioned the global ban on DDT, that is supposed to guarantee DDT-free imports from developing nations, where the ban causes millions of death since even the responsible use of the substance against malaria carrying mosquitoes is prohibited.

“The example shows the volatility of allegedly new values such as sustainability. Policies that are sustainable in one country are lethal in another one.” Together with the other panelists he also discussed the impact of the operation “Iraqi Freedom” on the situation in Iraq.

The conference took place in the Academy of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin and was mainly attended by foreign policy experts of Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democrat Union.