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Wind Turbines No Friends to Eagles

Christopher Booker makes some excellent points about the toll wind turbines take on eagles and other birds in the Daily Telegraph.  While wind turbines are known to knock birds (particularly soaring birds) from the sky, Mr. Booker should also take note of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Birds study which concluded that the turbines have an even greater impact on bird habitats causing some species to decline by half. If only there was some meaningful electricity to be had from these machines to compensate for the harm they cause.

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Global Warming Guerillas

The British Spectator published an interesting piece on the key role bloggers have played in exposing climate propaganda.  Here's the link.

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Copenhagen Endgame

CRAIG RUCKER (Copenhagen) I write again. There should be no treaty in Copenhagen. The science isn’t settled and the facts don’t fit. The propaganda is the tipoff. If the case were strong, we wouldn’t be chest deep in lies, half truths and sleight of hand. Confident players lay down their cards with a flourish. Its the guy bluffing who covers up tight and tries to drive you out of the game with diversions and patter. […]

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Dr. Fred Singer’s Message for the IPCC

Dr. Fred Singer speaks to a crowd in Brussels, Belgium about the IPCC, ClimateGate, and the skeptics' prospects of winning the debate on climate change. Dr. Fred Singer on Climategate

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Poll Shows British Cold to Climate Propaganda

The London Times Reports that only a quarter of people in the U.K. rank climate change as the world's most serious problem and only half accept that any climate change is man-made.   Global warming proponents have been caught in so many falsehoods and exaggerations that it is only natural for the public's faith in them to collapse.  Will politicians in Copenhagen be willing to adopt a treaty based on flawed science that lacks public support?

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Join CFACT in Berlin!

Climate Change Reconsidered Join CFACT for an International Conference on Climate Change Friday December 4, 2009, Hotel Melia Berlin On the Eve of COP15, the UN Conference in Copenhagen, scientists and policy experts will gather at Berlin's Melia Hotel to discuss the science, politics, economics and impacts of climate change. Almost daily new evidence arises that challenges the IPCC's position on man-made climate change.   People around the world are paying closer attention and questioning the merits of the UN's policy forcing the UN and many governments into a scramble to cement their climate policies before the momentum shifts further against [...]

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