Danish Flag Breeze zCRAIG RUCKER (Copenhagen)

I write again. There should be no treaty in Copenhagen. The science isn’t settled and the facts don’t fit.

The propaganda is the tipoff. If the case were strong, we wouldn’t be chest deep in lies, half truths and sleight of hand. Confident players lay down their cards with a flourish. Its the guy bluffing who covers up tight and tries to drive you out of the game with diversions and patter.

Past temperatures rose before CO2, yet the IPCC can’t grasp that cause precedes effect. Polar bears are fine and will remain so. Coral reefs thrived before man, during periods of higher temperature and CO2. Glaciers will continue to wax and wane indifferent to your hot showers, machine washed clothes, refrigerated food, rapid transportation and warm lighting. Our medieval ancestors enjoyed warmer winters, despite Orwellian attempts to edit the past. Sea levels remain stable taking no notice of underwater press conferences. The tragedy of Katrina came not from high living standards, but neglected plumbing.

A treaty appears less likely than ever. Various nations have walked out, while others remain seated without budging. The developed world would like to remain so. The developing world wishes to continue their advance. The dictators of Venezuela and Zimbabwe, representing the dictators of the stagnant world, seek handouts. What their people really need is free elections, free markets and the rule of law.

Now we get empty rhetoric from Obama, Merkel, Sarkozy and the west. They’re casting about for any political cover. If we’re fortunate, they’ll be as unable to hammer out a treaty as they are to control the climate.

Failing a climate treaty they’ll have to reach for something to do by agreement followed by executive orders in their own lands. This means that free peoples will be forced to continue to suborn their common sense and indulge in meaningless gestures like erecting wind turbines and solar panels (the totems of our time) that will despoil places of natural beauty and generate no significant power and have zero impact on climate.

You’re reading a computer screen powered by fossil fuels and nuclear. That won’t change. You will, however, likely be forced to drive a car that handles poorly, shiver through anemic tepid showers, sort trash beneath dim, ghostly fluorescent lights and engage in other senseless self flagellations. Working families will be taxed, taxed again and forced to transfer wealth to failed economies and third world dictators. Western governments will redistribute our our nest eggs to the new carbon carpet baggers through subsidies and guarantees. A new oligarchy of carbon robber barons will shake us down without doing us the courtesy of changing the climate a fraction of a degree. Free economies will struggle under the load. Your neighbor will lose his job – as may you.

There should be no treaty in Copenhagen. Free societies should toss out the fools who put us in this jeopardy at the next elections. It’s individual freedom, not the climate that is in jeopardy. Wake up.

For starters sign the petition at AllPainNoGain.org.  Take action.  Expose hypocrisy as we did when we tagged Greenpeace’s (diesel driven with photo op sails) vessels as the Propaganda Warrior and a Ship of Lies.

Individual freedom is rare and precious.  It’s easier to give it up then win it back.

cruckerTThis article originally appeared in the National Journal.  Craig Rucker is Executive Director of CFACT.