What better to celebrate than individual freedom? For the third year in a row CFACT Europe joined conservative and libertarian leaders to raise a glass to liberty at CNE’s Capitalist Ball on 12th October at the usual venue, the Concert Noble, in Brussels.

CFACT first participated in the “International Leaders Summit” at the European Parliament and the Rennaisance Brussels Hotel.

After the Leadership Summit, CFACT hosted its own reception featuring Edgar Gaertner at the Renaissance Brussels Hotel. Edgar signed copies of CFACT’s new book Eco-Nihilism. A Critique of Political Ecology (Öko-Nihilismus. Eine Kritik der Politischen Ökologie). Click to purchase (German)

Guests received a surprise welcome from anti-capitalist protestors outside the Concert Noble. They were a fairly polite group as protestors go. Many of our fellow guests grew up in an Eastern Europe without capitalist freedom and prosperity. They are always willing to rebut this kind of foolishness with memories that are all too fresh.

At the Capitalist Ball the food, drink, music and dance were reliably good. Better still was the chance to discuss CFACT’s latest efforts with old friends and new. This year’s ball was held in honor of the late Dr. Milton Friedman.

CFACT’s guests were very pleased when Dr. Cécille Philippe was presented with an award. Dr. Philppe serves on CFACT EU’s board of advisors and her work with the Molinari Economic Institute is an inspiration to many.

Over the last few years the Capitalist Ball has given CFACT a chance to bring together people and organizations who usually connect by email, the internet and phone. We thank everyone at the Centre for the New Europe for making this possible.