Valla Verde 2 CroppedCFACT recently completed a development project in Valle Verde, Mexico.  CFACT partnered with a coalition of relief organizations to provide local residents with solar panels, recycled laptops, and basic computer training.

Valle Verde is located near the resort town of Cancun.  Construction jobs and a booming economy have attracted thousands to the region including economic refugees from southern Mexico and Central America.  The influx of people placed a strain on fragile social services that found it hard to keep up with demand.  Many Valla Verde residents are squatters. Very few know the owner of the land they live on and few are able to establish legal residency.  Last year a landowner was suspected of deliberately setting a fire to evict people from his land.  CFACT employed a variety of innovative approaches (as well as old fashioned paint, construction, cleanup and elbow grease) to improve the health, well-being and prospects of Valla Verde residents and is proud to lend a helping hand.  More at CFACT Collegians.

Valle Verde team Valle Verde ninos with laptopsValle Verde working hardValle Verde installing solar panelsValle Verde cleanup 4Valle Verde team at pyramid