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Ireland’s Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer produced a powerful challenge to Al Gore and the IPCC with their documentary Not Evil Just Wrong the True Cost of Global Warming Hysteria.

According to The Irish Times they ” explore nine “flaws” in Gore’s film, established by the High Court in Britain during a civil case. Their major contentions include criticism of the famous inverted hockey stick graph which purported to show constant emissions for many centuries and big increases in CO2 emissions since 1900. That model completely neglected medieval warming (proven) and the little ice age from the 16th century to 1850 (also proven) they argue”

As the Irish Times noted, Britain’s High Court ruled that schools must warn of bias prior to screening the former American Vice President’s An Inconvenient Truth, giving Not Evil a court approved foundation upon which to make its case.

CFACT has hosted numerous international screenings of the film.  You can buy the DVD direct from the film’s makers.