The CFACT Collegians group at the University of Connecticut hosted a screening of Not Evil Just Wrong this week. An alarmist student group decided to protest the screening due to the content of the movie, but they were not interested in seeing the movie themselves according to Daily Campus:

“Not everyone present debated the existence of global warming – many students from CFACT said they were more concerned with the way the government handles the issue.

‘I don’t care much about environmental issues. I care about the fact that people are dying because we’re trying to help global warming,’ said Matthew Darling, a 3rd-semester political science major. ‘They’re telling Africa to use solar power when the U.S., the industrialized nations, never had to. Telling them to [use alternative energy] is hypocritical.’

People in developing countries can’t afford to use these energy sources, Darling said.

‘I’m one who believes global warming exists and is caused by humans,’ said Phillip Ruffy, a 1st-semester management for engineering and manufacturing major and CFACT member. ‘I think that governmental regulations are not the way to solve the problem. I’m for free market. I’m a libertarian.’

CFACT members challenged the demonstrators, asking why they weren’t going in to watch the movie.

‘Are you aware of the facts in the movie?’ Ruffy asked Berthiaume. Berthiaume told him he’d seen the trailer, but was not interested in watching the film at this time.”

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