Will energy police and bureaucrats with clipboards soon be at your door, to monitor, limit and enforce your personal carbon footprint – and fine you for excess power consumption or possession of prohibited plasma television sets?

This just-released video, “Energy Police: Serving and protecting?”, offers a light-hearted look at a serious subject: life under the low-carbon regime being debated at the Copenhagen climate conference. The new 80-second video is part of CFACT’s All Pain No Gain educational program.

“It’s funny, and some may think things like this could never happen,” commented Craig Rucker, executive director and co-founder of CFACT. “But when you look at what’s already been proposed or implemented in Britain, the United States and elsewhere, it’s clearly not so far-fetched.“

Real life examples include hefty fees for the privilege of driving in London, personal carbon emission cards, hydrocarbon-use tracking data embedded in credit cards, state-controlled electrical meters that can be used to shut off a home’s electricity if consumption exceeds prescribed limits, meters that control how warm or cool people can keep their homes, and carbon allowances that force people to choose between driving to work and taking a vacation, Rucker noted.

“Energy Police” and other All Pain-No Gain videos can be found on YouTube, AllPainNoGain.org and other popular websites.