On British TV channel Sky News, ClimateDepot.com executive editor Marc Morano debated an environmental scientist who wants the developing world to better manage its use of resources to curtail its emissions at the expense of further development.  The professor also overstated the number of scientists who support the dire predictions of the UN IPCC. 

Morano made the following comments about his debate on ClimateDepot.com:


A contentious live global warming debate took place in Copenhagen on UK’s Sky News TV on December 12 between ProfessorMark Maslin of the University College London and Climate Depot’s Executive Editor Marc Morano.

During the debate, Professor Maslin erroneously asserted there are “5000 leading climate scientists” with the UN IPCC to support the claims of man-made climate fears. “None of the science has been actually changed. If you look at the [UN] IPCC report, 5000 leading climate scientists put together all the leading science together,” Maslin stated. [Professor’s Maslin’s email is: [email protected] ]

Climate Depot’s Morano countered: “Your idea that [there are] 5000 UN scientists – you need to apologize and retract that immediately. The biggest number you can come up with if you include [UN bureaucrats] and delegates is 2800.”

Professor Maslin, of the Department of Geography, interjected “Oh, absolute rubbish.” [Editor’s Note: Maslin also recently debated MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen and Maslin claimed in this video clip that “There are very few (skeptics) and none are actually credible.”]

A frustrated Maslin also claimed that “every single intelligent person” listens to UN scientists and accepts that man-made global warming is a serious problem.

“I have been having this debate for the last 20 years, the key is that every single intelligent person, every key politician in the world, listens to the key scientists, they actually look at the data,” Maslin said. [Editor’s Note: Perhaps Professor Maslin is guilty of this:MIT Climate Scientist: ‘Ordinary people see through man-made climate fears — but educated people are very vulnerable’ – July 6, 2009]

Morano responded: Matt [anchor of Sky News TV], check out the claim of 5000 UN scientists — that is a bald face — error. The professor needs to retract it. There is no 5000 [UN IPCC climate scientists]. And interestingly a few days ago [Professor Maslin] said 4000 [UN scientists]. Why not just say 100,000? You gave it away sir when you said ‘key scientists’. It is a small cadre, only 52 UN scientists signed (a reference to the only 52 scientists who authored the media hyped 2007 IPCC Summary for Policymakers). Peer-reviewed studies are showing the [man-made climate] scare is ending.