Taken from Craig Rucker’s blog post on the National Journal website:

What I see in Copenhagen continues to amaze me. Last night I drank beer with a couple of polar bears. The earnest young leftists in the Knute suits could only discuss climate at the pablum level. No thought, no examination, no understanding, just programmed propaganda. The polar bear population (now over 20,000) is at record levels. The’yre not drowning, (they swim better than you do). If you think they don’t have plenty of ice, head north in your bathing suit and see how you like the clime.  Hard science shows the ice to be in normal patterns of advancement and retreat.  Get over it.

Alright, the Knutes were young, so I sought out their handlers. Talk with a Greenpeace organizer and their cluelessness shines right through. They neither, talk nor understand science beyond their slogans. Scratch the surface and their real agenda’s right there – left wing politics and economics. Not your happy, dopey tax and spend leftism, your hardcore, radical dismantle everything that works and put me in charge of the miserable serfs leftism.

I headed over to the Bella Center, but there’s no reprieve there. The UN is running a bland, mediocre trade show. Imagine the homeshow without granite countertops, or the guy selling potato peelers and industrial juicers. The lefties do sometimes spice it up, but the UN plan is obviously to stage a sideshow of boredom designed to provide cover for the radical, dangerous negotiations taking place behind closed doors, in posher surroundings.

There was contrast to be found in Copenhagen, however. When CFACT first organized yesterday’s “International Climate Ecosummit,” we didn’t realize it was up to us to provide the oasis of sanity in COP15’s intellectual desert. What a contrast – bright young people from Europe and America listening with rapt attention to world famous scientists and experts. At CFACT’s summit there was knowledge questioning, dialog, indeed intellectural skepticism.

It’s clear that this summit is about propaganda designed to awe the simple. CFACT will continue to interject hard science and rational thought. There should be no treaty in Copenhagen. The facts don’t fit — the science isn’t there.