Michael Mann, creator of the infamous “hockey stick” graph isn’t amused by a YouTube satire video featuring the refrain “hide the decline,” a quote from the Climategate emails.  He’s threatened to sue the video’s creators. Marc Morano, editor of CFACT’s award winning ClimateDepot appeared on FoxNews to discuss.

Marc was asked whether he thought Mann could prove that the point the satire was making was not true.  “I don’t think he can,” Morano replied. “I mean, this just goes to show you how the mighty have fallen. Michael Mann was a top U.N. scientist who is now in 2010 spending his time worrying about YouTube videos. This video is absolutely accurate. Michael Mann is the inventor of the temperature hockey stick which even recently the Royal U.K. statistical society said was exaggerated. Other German scientists have called it statistical rubbish. He’s been called a statistical charlatan. He has had report after report attacking the foundation – the idea that 20th century temperatures are unprecedented is what Michael Mann is peddling through the U.N.”