Despite historically low levels of air pollutants, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking to enforce air quality regulations that are increasingly strict and burdensome. These regulations cost the economy billions of dollars by the EPA’s own admission.

Steve Milloy, publisher of and frequent commentator for Fox News, has produced a thorough analysis of the EPA’s latest regulatory attempt, the Clean Air Transport Rule (CATR), which seeks “to reduce the interstate transport of air emissions from Midwest power plants that the EPA claims cause or contribute to air quality problems downwind in 32 Eastern states.”

He concludes that the EPA is creating a problem where none exists, because the current air quality standards already keep pollutants at levels far below anything that could possibly cause health problems. Further, he reveals that the EPA’s methodolgy for evaluating costs vs. benefits is flawed, as it exaggerates hypothetical benefits and und understates costs.

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