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 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Thursday June 21, 2012

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 Rio+20: ‘Sustainable development’ = the new ‘climate change’

CFACT exposes the UN’s latest ruse de guerre

Shows a constructive path to rescue Rio+20

CFACT Press Conference — Thursday, June 21, 10:30 AM, Pavilion 3, Room 8 (P3-8)

(Rio de Janeiro) Having failed to secure a binding climate treaty and with the public increasingly skeptical about climate pronouncements of doom, the UN and its allied Green pressure groups hope to rebrand their multi-billion dollar eco-enterprise in Rio.

“Follow the money,” said CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker, “the UN and the Greens are spoiled and want more. The operators currently running the show at the UN will not surrender their hold on taxpayer money without a fight.”

Following numerous setbacks such as Climategates One and Two, the eco-ideologues and profiteers are moving away from climate and into issues such as “biodiversity” and “sustainable development.” They hope to move the public through emotional appeals having failed to do so with science and logic.

CFACT will conduct a press briefing entitled, “Rescuing Rio+20: the constructive path to sustainability” on Thursday, June 21 at 10:30 AM in Pavilion 3, Room 8.

The briefing will be moderated by Craig Rucker and feature Marc Morano, editor in chief of CFACT’s award-winning news and information service, renowned climate skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton, and David Spady of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“It is not too late to rescue Rio+20,” Rucker said, “The UN should strip all of the taxes, invasions of sovereignty and bureaucratic empire building out of the Rio text and return to the UN’s core values. Individual freedom, free enterprise, prosperity, respect for private property and the rule of law are the proven paths to accomplish all that is the best for people and the planet too.”

CFACT, the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, is a U.S. based NGO that addresses issues of environment and development around the globe. It is the preeminent organization at Rio+20 questioning the orthodoxies surrounding sustainable development and climate change.

CFACT is your best source for Rio+20 news and analysis that challenges the status quo. More information – including bios, video, pictures, news and commentary – at, and CFACT’s experts are available to all media.

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