California’s best water, along with cheap, clean, renewable hydro power will continue to flow to San Francisco from the Hetch Hechy reservoir.  San Francisco voters defeated the measure 77 to 23. 

As CFACT recently reported, Proposition F would have provided funding for a study on draining and dismantling Hetch Hechy.  A coalition of Green campaign organizations backed the measure, but it was opposed by most San Francisco politicians.

The San Francisco Mercury reports:

Critics, such as U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, who called the idea “insane,” said water is a precious commodity in California and that no city should take the risk of giving up a reliable water supply. Silicon Valley business leaders also said that because two-thirds of Hetch Hetchy water customers live outside San Francisco, in places like Palo Alto and North San Jose, they should get to vote, too.

One local campaigner branded the 77 percent of San Franciscan’s who voted to keep their water supply “environmental villains.”

“History will see [opponents of Measure F] as environmental villains, no better than those who flooded the valley,” said Kevin Martin. “They could have been heroes, but given the chance to do the right thing they went the other way,” Martin said.   LA Times.

So to answer the question CFACT posed last week, who wins in a smack down between radical Greens and extremely radical Greens?  Apparently it’s the merely radical.  They will impose restrictions and erode quality of life for their neighbors, or any old group of strangers, but not for themselves.  Dynamite the dam?  ‘Hey, are you nuts, that’s our water!’



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